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Review Iliad Design 1/48 ‘More T-Birds’ Decal Sheet

Review Iliad Design 1/48 ‘More T-Birds’ Decal Sheet

This is a new decal sheet from Iliad Design, sheet number 48040.

This sheet from Iliad Design gives you 4 more unique designs for the T-33B as used by naval squadrons from the US Marines, US Navy and Canadian Navy.

There’s no mention of a specific kit for this set so they should work with any.

Inside the bag:
Inside the bag we have:

  • One double-sided colour sheet of instructions
  • One 14.5 cm by 20.5 cm decal sheet


The instructions are a single-sided full colour sheet and cover 4 decal/painting schemes:

  • T-33B, 141547, Marine Corps HQ, Washington DC.
  • T-33 Silver Star VU32, RCN, HMCS Shearwater 1961.
  • TV-2 Marine Air Sqn 32.
  • T-33B, 139014, US Navy VX-4 “The Evaluators”, Pt Mugu NAS.

The front of the instructions shows side views of all 4 aircraft. The reverse of the sheet gives top and bottom views of all 4 designs along with some photos showing unique details of specific aircraft.

There’s lots of extra information on the sheet to help you get your painting correct. Each design has notes specific to it that will help get things perfect.


Another very nice decal sheet from Iliad Design with excellent instructions and an interesting selection of themes.

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