Quick Look: U-Boot im Focus Edition No 20


U-Boot im Focus Edition No 20

In 2007 Luftfahrtverlag-Start started a specialized publication about German submarines in the Second World War, titled U-Boot im Focus.

With the support of archives, private collectors and well-known experts in the field, the series is issued three times per year. Most of the photos that illustrate each edition have never before been published, and they are supplemented by informative captions and well-researched articles on all aspects of U-boat operations. The focus of the articles is on lesser-known facts and events. Each edition, therefore, offers the reader exclusive reading material and unique illustrations. The illustrations are of generous size and the highest quality, printed on glossy paper.

Each edition contains approx 50 pages, with about 60 photos including several in colour, plus 2 to 3 colour side-views and drawings of conning towers.

Contents of this issue:

  • 51 pages,
  • 62 photos – thereof 17 in colour,
  • 1 coloured conning tower side view
  • 1 coloured document,
  • 2 coloured maps,
  • reader’s forum

Topics covered are:

  • Photos with a story: U-592 – The Boat with the Saving Doctor
  • The Story of a Conning Tower Inscription and the Manipulation of a Photograph
  • Fates: Failed Attempt to Enter the Mediterranean The Fate of U-761 on Its Second War Cruise
  • Commanders: Kptlt. Robert Gysae (U-177)
  • Technical Equipment: “Please Transmit Direction Finding Signals!” A Report on the U-
  • Boat 280 S Rotating Loop Antenna Radio Direction Finding System
  • Documents: The Polar Baptism Letter – The Counterpart to the Crossing the Equator Certificate
  • Scenery: “Attack – Close – Sink” – The 1st U-Boat Flotilla’s Dining Hall
  • Background: Good cooking – helps win!" –
  • The Difficult Life of a Ship’s Cook on a U-Boat
  • U-Tanker: Photos from the Fourth War Cruise by the Supply Boat U-460


Another nice update from the definitive publication on U-Boat history and research.

Available from: https://www.luftfahrtverlag-start.com/u-boot-im-focus/


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