Quick Look: Luftwaffe im Focus Special Edition No 4


Luftwaffe im Focus Spezial No 4

58 pages, 88 photos – thereof 6 in colour, Colour profile, 4 coloured maps

Luftwaffe In Focus Special Number 4 focuses on the English Channel from 1940 to 1941, presenting a wide range of issues faced by Luftwaffe pilots during that time. The magazine features 88 original photographs, most of which have never been published before. It includes meticulous research and informative articles.

Topics covered in this issue include aircraft running out of fuel, first-hand accounts of rescues at sea by both aircraft and ships, combat operations, and the location of the command post for Luftflotte 2. This essential publication for Luftwaffe enthusiasts is a special issue magazine that will soon be difficult to find as it runs out of publication like Special Issues 1-3.

  • The English Channel – Feared by German Fighter Pilots (main article covering various topics)
  • They Failed to Return – And Became Prisoners of War
  • Aerial Combat over the Thames Estuary – The Staffelkapitän of 1./ZG 26 Is Forced to Come Down “In the Drink”
  • Photos with a Story: The He 111 and Ju 88 Balloon-Cable Fender Aircraft in Action over England
  • Correcting a long-standing factual distortion
  • Aircraft in Focus: The “Old Channel Kites” – Pushed Off On the Replacement Training Staffeln
  • Scenery: He 111 of KG 100 – Emergency Landing and Subsequent Take-Off
  • Fates: 4.(F)/14 – “5F + MM”, An Unlucky Aircraft Code
  • Fates: Rammed Preparing for Take-off – Fate of a Staffelkapitän
  • Photos with a story: The Speculation about Luftflotte 2’s Command Post Is Over!
  • First private photos of the command post Cäsar II at Sangatte

Available from: https://www.luftfahrtverlag-start.com/luftwaffe-im-focus/

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