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HLI Shop News Dec 2023

Hobbylink Shop’s Newsletter No 2

Greetings, hobby enthusiasts! Welcome to edition deux of the HobbyLink International Shop Newsletter – the sequel nobody asked for, but here it is anyway. So, what’s been shaking since our last chinwag? Brace yourselves, Christmas is lurking around the corner! If you planned on ordering online for timely Yuletide delivery, well… it’s probably too late, mate. But hey, there’s always next year!

In our shop, we’ve spruced things up with fresh goodies from ResKit, Armoury and AJM (just a few name drops). The highlights? ResKit’s fab F-111 cockpits in all scales and versions, Armoury’s nifty Lance missile kit, and AGM’s WWII HMS Argus in 1/700 scale (tiny but mighty!).

We cooked up another batch of boards, and they’re nearly gobbled up! Fear not, more boards are brewing and should be landing in Kenny’s lap post-Christmas. Our online sites now run on our own server, which I reckon Tom’s using as a makeshift airing cupboard heater. And, lo and behold, our system’s reliability has taken a turn for the better since the move!

Now, about those pre-printed 3D models… Our grand plan is on ice (literally) as Kenny’s garage/print room hits sub-zero temps. Brrr! Fear not; we’re still brewing up monstrous creations and dastardly villains for your delight. Plus, we’ve snagged rights to Dana’s Star Wars designs and an Enterprise 1/350 deflector dish – ready for lift-off!

So keep your eyes peeled for Dana’s 1/72 Yoda fighter and TIE Inquisitor fighter – because who doesn’t want a pint-sized Jedi Master soaring through the galaxy?

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