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Back in 2023, Good Smile Company got together with Hobby Japan magazine to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Mazinger franchise and began publishing a manga series Mazinger Destroying Hell. The plot summary is:

Shiren is an ordinary boy who could be found anywhere. When he loses consciousness and wakes up, he is in the cockpit of Mazinger ZEST wearing a mysterious pilot suit, forced to fight to the death against other Mazingers and their pilots. What will be Shiren’s fate?

The manga introduces a re-imagined giant robot in the from of Mazinger ZEST, and it serves as a vehicle for the release of a brand new Good Smile Company MODEROID line model kit!

  • Non-scale kit
  • 145 mm (about 5.70 inches) in height
  • Features several points of articulation
  • Rocket punch effect parts are included
  • Iron Cutter can be displayed deployed with the use of interchangeable parts
  • Hover Pilder can be displayed in hover or command center modes without the need of interchangeable parts
  • Translucent parts are included to create the canopy, chest area, and effects
  • Parts are molded in color
  • Sticker sheet included
  • 3900 yen (currently about $26.00 USD) MSRP
  • January 2024 release

Check out the official images in the gallery below…

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