Aoshima 2024 Back To The Future DeLorean Time Machine


Hi, Everyone!

Back during the huge Shinzuoka Hobby Show in May 2023, Aoshima announced a brand new, modern tooling of the Back to the Future DeLorean time machine (kit number N0.BT-01)! It is the first of a new series that is meant to replace their aging three kits that originally came out in between 1989 and 1990. Here are the details…

  • Completely new tooled mold
  • 1:24 scale
  • 184 mm (about 7.24 inches) in length when built
  • Precise reproduction of both interior and exterior
  • Gull wing doors can be opened and closed
  • Removable hooked pole that transmits the lightning current from the clock tower to the dimensional transfer equipment at the end of the first movie
  • Parts for the RC transmitter and video camera used in the experiment on October 26, 1985 are included
  • Flame effect parts are included
  • 6600 yen (currently about $44.00 USD) MSRP
  • March 2024 release

Check out the official images in the gallery below!

Great Scott!

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