The 2024 TV And Movie Group Build Rules


Embark on an Exciting Journey: Hobby Link International 2024 TV and Movie Group Build

Get ready for a thrilling adventure in the world of television and cinema as we kick off the Hobby Link International 2024 TV and Movie Group Build! This exciting build was chosen by our dedicated YouTube members, and we’re inviting modelers of all skill levels to join us for a year of creativity and fun. Let’s delve into the rules and details that will shape this fantastic group build.

**The TV And Movie Group Build 2024:**

1. **Start Fresh:**
To ensure a fair and exciting experience, participants must enter a new kit. Previously started projects won’t be accepted, ensuring that everyone begins on an equal footing.

2. **Defining a Build:**
A build can take various forms – be it a kit, 3D printed creation, or scratch-built masterpiece. However, mere assembly or printing out a file is not enough. A genuine build involves hands-on work such as sanding, filling, gluing, painting, and more.

3. **From the Screens to Your Workbench:**
Your build must be inspired by a subject seen on TV or in the Movies. Whether it’s a figure, firetruck, plane, or any other cinematic creation, as long as it has graced the screens, it’s eligible. Uncertain if your idea fits? Reach out to us at for assistance.

4. **Diverse Options Welcome:**
Embrace diversity in your build – any scale, manufacturer, material, scratch build, or 3D print is welcome, as long as it relates to Television and Movies. Let your imagination run wild!

5. **Showcased on Hobby Link International:**
Each completed build will be featured in an article on Hobby Link International’s main site. Share your work with the modeling community, gaining recognition for your creative endeavors.

6. **Community Engagement:**
While HLI Community membership is not mandatory, we encourage you to join and share your build progress with the community. The more, the merrier!

7. **Live YouTube Stream:**
A live YouTube stream will be organized to showcase everyone’s hard work. The date for this exciting event will be announced as we approach the end of the build. Stay tuned for an unforgettable display of creativity!

**Photo Entries for Articles and the Live Show:**

8. **Submission Guidelines:**
To have your build featured on the main site and in the live stream, adhere to these guidelines:
– Submit 5 to 15 pictures of your build.
– Ensure a clean background for optimal viewing.
– Number order your pictures in a three-digit format.
– Submit pictures to or our Dropbox.
– Alternatively, post your completed builds on the HLI Community Annual Group Build Showcase.

9. **File Size Considerations:**
For efficiency, please reduce the file size of your pictures to 1MB if possible. This helps save space on our servers.

**The Most Important Rule of All:**

10. **Have Fun and Enjoy Your Build!**
Above all, cherish the joy of creativity. We love witnessing your work, and we hope you relish every moment of this group build.


11. **Build Period:**
– Begins: January 1, 2024
– Ends: December 31, 2024, at 11:59 pm EST
– Submit all pictures and write-ups by this deadline.

12. **Live Show:**
– Scheduled for January 2025

**Closing Thoughts:**

Let the magic of television and cinema inspire your creations as you embark on this exciting TV and Movie Group Build. Capture the essence of your favorite on-screen moments, share your journey, and let’s make 2024 a year filled with incredible builds and unforgettable memories. Happy building, and may your TV and movie-inspired creations shine bright! 🎬🛠️ #hobbylinkinternational #TVandMovieGroupBuild2024


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