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Someting a bit different from Eduard in Feb…

In February we will introduce the new EDUARD HEAVY RETRO edition. We are responding to the recurring demand for old, long out-of-production kits from our early days. We have therefore decided to meet the demand and commemorate our history through the EHR series. This will be a very limited edition indeed, we will only be releasing 2000 of each kit. The first item in the new series is a SPARVIERO kit of the Italian Savoia-Marchetti SM.79 bomber in 1/48 scale. This is a short-run kit, originally produced for Classic Airframes in 2001 and released by Eduard in the Flashback series in 2003. We haven’t produced kits with this technology for over 20 years, but if we’re going to go back in time, we’ll take it from the ground up. We chose the edition name to make it clear to everyone that this is really going to be “real retro”! We anticipate that it will be more of a collector’s item, yet we will design these kits to offer the owner a nice scale modelling experience as well. The kit will be complemented with Brassin cockpit, wheels, propeller spinners, propellers, engines, exhausts etc. Of course, there will be masks and pre-painted photo etched parts. Decal sheets will offer the opportunity to build one of six machines, including a Sparviero, which bears the symbols of victory of several crews from the fighting in June 1942 during Operation Harpoon.

Another kit that will be re-released from older moulds is the L-39C in 1/72 scale in the ProfiPACK edition. The decal sheet will offer the opportunity to build one of six machines. There will be two Czech, one Ukrainian, one Kazakh, one Slovak and one Russian naval aircraft. Brassin wheels will be available as a separate item for this kit.

In the Weekend edition we will introduce Fokker D.VIIF in 1/48 scale. The cover will feature Lieutenant Olivier Freiherr von Beaulieu-Marconnay’s Fokker from Jasta 19 in a dogfight with American aviators. Not to be missed in the range of markings is Udet’s machine from Jasta 4, Jasta Boelcke (Jasta 2) will be represented by Karl Bolle, and the pilot of the aircraft with the skull on the fuselage was Lt. Georg Hantelmann from Jasta 15.

In the Weekend edition we are also preparing Spitfire Mk.Vb early in 1/48 scale. The cover will feature Wing Commander Rankin’s personal aircraft. His Spitfire will be offered in two different camouflage schemes, the pilot of the next machine was the famous F/Lt E.S. Lock of No. 611 Squadron, the New Zealand airmen will be represented by P/O W.V. Crawford Compton of No. 485 Squadron and the last Spit to be built from the kit will be Sgt Hloužek of the Czechoslovak No. 313 Squadron RAF.

In February, two 1/48 scale ProfiPACK kits will be re-released, the Soviet I-16 Type 10 fighter and the German Bf 109G-10 from the Wiener Neustädter Flugzeugwerke (WNF).

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