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1/35 Schnellboot S-26/S-38

NEW PARTS – More than 600 highly detailed parts – Instructions sheet with color profiles – Photo-etched fret – Clear sheet – Decals for 2 versions

Between the two wars several Navies undertook development programs to implement flotillas of motor torpedo boats capable of carrying out patrol and attack missions. The new engine technologies, compared to First World War versions, provided greater performance and operational efficiency. During the 1930s the German Kriegsmarine developed the famous S-class motor torpedo boats. Between 1939 and 1940 the S-26 series was built and characterised by a forecastle integrated with two 533 mm torpedo tubes. The aesthetic features of the bow were maintained and further improved in subsequent versions. The S38 was one of the most celebrated Schnellboot versions, with almost 100 units produced. They were 35 meters long with a full load displacement of over 100 tons. With its Daimler Benz 12-cylinder engines it was able to reach a maximum speed of 39.5 knots.

1/24 Scania R143 M 500 Streamline 4×2


The Scania R143 M Streamline was an iconic benchmark in the production lines of the famous Scandinavian manufacturer, which achieved considerable commercial success in various European and non-European markets between the end of the 1980s and the mid-1990s. The Scania R143M was assembled at the Södertälje production site in Sweden and was one of the most successful models of the “series 3”, first introduced by Scania in 1987 and following on from the innovative “series 2” of the 1980s. Powerful and reliable thanks to its 500 horsepower V-8 engine, it was designed with the most advanced technologies of the time. Great attention was paid to its design to reduce aerodynamic resistance and minimize fuel consumption, an important factor for success in using heavy transport over long distances. Scania’s tractor unit, with its two-wheel drive configuration, was also acclaimed for its ease of maintenance and low operating and management costs.

1/72 S.79 Sparviero Bomber version



The S.M.79 Sparviero was created and manufactured in the 1930s by Italian company SIAI-Marchetti initially as a civilian aircraft, which then went on to achieve significant world speed records during this period. Featuring a typical three-engine low-wing configuration, it had a wood, canvas and metal frame. Subsequently reconfigured into military variants, it was widely used by the Italian Regia Aeronautica during the Second World War, particularly as a bomber in the Mediterranean theatre and then as an effective torpedo bomber. Recognizable by the “hump” behind the cockpit and due to its three 750 HP Alfa Romeo 126 RC34 radial engines, it was capable of reaching a top speed of 430 km/h. In its basic bomber role it was superseded by many other more modern aircraft, however the “Sparviero” for the entire duration of the conflict achieved significant results in the hands of its skilled crews during torpedo maritime operations in which it attacked enemy shipping.

1/35 DUKW 2½ GMC truck amphibious version – D DAY eighty years

D-DAY EIGHTY SERIES 1944/2024 – New decals sheet for 4 versions – Color Instuctions sheet


To meet the logistical needs of the US Army landing forces in transferring loads quickly and efficiently from ships to beaches, the American General Motor CCKW-353 2½ t 6×6 amphibious version tactical transport truck was designed and built for this purpose. The basic vehicle components were the same as the GMC road truck with its 4,400 cm3 6-cylinder engine, three differentials and six driving wheels. The DUKW was characterized by a welded hull to make it amphibious, which was then reinforced by horizontal ribs. Its key attribute however was its extraordinary versatility and load capacity. It could carry a 2,400 kg payload or 25 fully equipped troops. DUKWs were deployed extensively in all theaters of war by the U.S. Army, U.S. Marines and the armed forces of numerous Allied countries. Notably, they featured in many significant WW11 beach landings including the D-Day Normandy landings at Utah and Omaha and also at Salerno, Anzio and on the beaches of the Pacific campaign.

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