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AH-1Q/S Cobra ‘US & Turkish Army Service’ 1/48
The AH-1G was the initial version of the iconic Cobra helicopter and had mainly been designed to provide close support to the ground troops. The US military quite quickly realised that what they also need is a weapon system capable of taking on enemy’s armoured vehicles and tanks. And most urgent this need was felt in Europe where the danger of Soviet tank forces was almost palpatable. To enable the Cobra to operate in this role the new versions the Q and S were designed and the earlier G airframes were also rebuilt to this new standard. These new machines were armed with TOW anti-tank missiles. The rebuilt ones, however, still featured a few similarities with the earlier G Cobras.
Our model can boast about possesing very nice levels of detail throughout and comes on as many as nine grey styrene sprues and one with clear parts. The decal sheet offers markings to enable the modeller to build one of four machines. Two of these are standard olive-overall US AH-1S Cobras and one of them sports the well-known bunny emblem on its dog-house and the other one flew with the Massachusetts National Guard, then there is one dark green US AH-1Q airframe and lastly also a Turkish Cobra in rather striking camouflage scheme consisting of three colours. excelentní detailní model.
– interesting colour schemes
– model of never before kitted version

Mirage F.1 EQ/ED 1/72

The Mirage F.1 EQ/ED is back in production – due to popular demand, but just in limited quantity. This detailed model of the EQ/ED variety of the F.1 Mirage comes with seven grey styrene sprues, one clear plastic sprue with canopy parts, it also contains a fret of photo etches and a resin cast replica of the Exocet missile with its pylon. The decal sheet offers two Iraqi machines in two different schemes, plus one Libyan and one Iranian machines.

nicely detailed model
four interesting-looking finish schemes
etches and resin parts already in the kit
limited quantity available

Seafire F/FR Mk.46
The Mk.46 variety of the Seafire was originaly a navalized Spitfire Mk.22, closely following their predecessor the Seafire Mk.45 and so possessing the fixed (not folding) wing with laminar type aerofoil. From the Mk.22, it inherited the low back rear fuselage and naval equipment, sting-type arrestor hook and catapult spools. Only twenty-four were built in the end as the definite Seafire FR.47 type had entered the production. Even the rather small number, two varieties existed, a fighter type and also the fighter-reconnaissance version fitted with cameras behind the cockpit.
The kit set comes on five styrene sprues joined by one with clear parts. The fuselage halves come in two styles, too, to depict the differences between the fighter and figher-recon airframes. The decal sheet caters for two machines as operated by No.1832 NAS RNVR at RNAS Culham. One of them is a fighter, the other one a fighter-recce FR Mk.46 machine.

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