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1/35 AH-1G Cobra (late production)
US Attack Helicopter

The AH-1G Cobra attack helicopter was developed by company Bell as part of the program to create a specialized attack helicopter. In the fall of 1967, it began to be used in Vietnam, where demonstrated its high combat qualities. To defeat ground targets, AH-1G helicopters used both built-in weapons – a six-barreled machine gun or grenade launcher – and suspended: units of unguided missiles, suspended machine guns, and later – a six-barreled 20 mm gun. Its firepower allowed hitting even armored targets. Over time, the AH-1G received a number of improvements, including measures to counter surface-to-air missiles with thermal guidance. For this, cooling of the engine exhaust gases was used, in addition, a special pipe was installed on the helicopters, which diverted the hot gases upwards, into the plane of rotation of the main rotor. After the end of the war, AH-1G Cobra helicopters continued their service in units stationed in Western Europe.

1/72 Ki-21-Ia RTAF
Thailand’s Heavy Bomber

In the 1930s, the Royal Thai Air Force – RTAF – relied primarily on aircraft manufactured in the United States and Great Britain. The situation changed with the beginning of the Second World War. After the defeat of France in Europe, Thailand decided to seize the moment and regain its territories in French Indochina. There was made an order for the delivery of new American-made aircraft. However, the US decided that strengthening the Thai Air Force could change the situation in the region in an undesirable direction for them, and refused to supply the aircraft. Thailand referred to Japan, which soon delivered several dozen bombers for the RTAF. Among them were nine Ki-21-Ia aircrafts produced by the Nakajima company, in the spring of 1941, they were included in the composition of Kong Bin Koi 6 (6th Aviation Wing). These aircraft did not have time to take part in combat operations against France but were used in Burma against units of the Chinese National Army in the spring of 1942. After the Chinese forces retreated to their territory, the Thai Ki-21-Ia were deployed for a while to perform patrol and reconnaissance missions. Later they served as training and transport aircraft.

1/48 Bristol Beaufort Mk.I
WWII British dominions Air Force

The Bristol Beaufort torpedo-bomber, which was widely used in the RAF Coastal Command, was also a part of the air units of the British Dominion countries. Thus, in August 1941, the 489th squadron was formed from pilots of the Royal New Zealand Air Force (RNZAF). They received several Bristol Beaufort Mk.I, which operated until the winter of 1942. In late 1941, 18 Beaufort Mk.I aircraft were received by the South African Air Force (SAAF) to protect the vital shipping lanes around the Cape of Good Hope. In the winter of 1942, two divisions were created in the SAAF – the 36th and 37th Coastal Flight, which included these aircraft. At first, they performed patrol functions and later were involved in combat operations against the French forces of the Vichy regime in the region of Madagascar. The Canadian Air Force (RCAF) also operated the Beaufort BeaufortMk.I – these were the 415th and 149th squadrons. Canadian Beauforts were used until 1943, engaging in patrol flights and solving anti-submarine defense tasks.

1/72 URAL-43203
Military Box Vehicle of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The Ural-4320 military all-wheel drive car was produced in 1977. It was popular and widely distributed due to its high operational qualities, and the production of its modernized versions is still ongoing. The car has many versions, among which there are versions with bodies of the “KUNG” type – closed van bodies for the installation of special equipment and transportation of personnel. Initially, they were made of wood, later – using metal. These van bodies were developed for specific car models, but they were also universal, which made it possible to use them on different chassis. In addition to special army equipment, such van bodies were equipped with heating, ventilation, and lighting systems. A significant quantity of Ural-4320 cars with such closed bodies continues to be used in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

1/35 WWII US Military Patrol
(G7107 with MG M1919A4)

At the end of 1941, the United States of America was already a well-deserved world leader in the production of various automotive equipment. This was facilitated by the most powerful production base in the world. During the Second World War, only 2,382,311 military trucks were manufactured in the USA. American army vehicles embodied advanced design solutions, defining the world level of automotive technology in general. In America, the main consumer of automotive equipment was the ground forces (US Army), which operated several types of trucks. The four-wheel drive truck G7107 was one of the representatives of the G7100 military series. Despite the fact that most of the cars of this series were supplied to the Allies as part of the lend-lease program and some of them were used in the US Army, for example, in infantry, sapper and communication units. Equipped with machine guns, such cars could also be used for patrolling.

1/35 US Helicopter Pilots

In the middle of 1967, the group of American troops on the territory of Indochina already had 2,000 helicopters at its disposal, and in a year their number increased to 4,200 units. Helicopters were perfect for conducting combat operations in jungle conditions. They carried out reconnaissance, fire cover of ground units from the air, landing of amphibious assaults and cargo transportation. Among the transport helicopters, the CH-54 heavy crane helicopters have proven themselves excellently. Their crews performed the tasks of transporting various cargoes and weapons – from bulldozers to combat boats, and they also participated in the evacuation of damaged helicopters and airplanes. It was a difficult service, and at times it was performed under fire from the ground. The war in Vietnam became a serious test for US helicopters, as a result of which they gained enormous combat experience.

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