X-Plus Metroplis Maschinenmensch

X-Plus Metroplis Maschinenmensch

Hi, Everyone!

Immediately after their first dive into the world of polystyrene model kits with their highly-anticipated Vampirella figure, X-Plus of Japan is moving forward with three more products coming later in 2022. Coming in August will be the Maschinenmensch (Machine-Person) from the classic 1927 German sci-fi silent film Metropolis!

  • 1:8 scale
  • 26 cm (10.236 inches) in height
  • Parts molded in color
  • Chair display base included
  • 4499 yen (currently about $35.00 U.S.D.) MSRP
  • August 2022 scheduled release

Check out official images and recent preview images taken at the Super Festival Extra Vol. 2 convention in Japan in the gallery below!

Stay tuned…



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