The 2022 HLI Secret Santa


Welcome to the Hobby Link International Secret Santa. The HLI Secret Santa is an annual tradition here on the site and community. Every year is a great time with fun and anticipation of the holiday season! We would like to invite you to join our community at and join in on the holiday fun! Enough chitter-chatter let us get to the rules of the Secret Santa!

Secret Santa Rules:

  1. You have to be a registered member of The HLI Community
  2. Once you are a member of the community you will let us know you are in the Secret Santa by posting in this thread Annual Secret Santa Thread
  3. Once you are there please post a single post of your name, where you live (not full address), and what type of models you like to build.
  4. The spending limit is set at $50. You can go over that limit but that is your choice.
  5. You can join this year’s Secret Santa up until Friday, November 4, 2022, 11:59 pm EST.
  6. Saturday, November 5, 2022, I will be pulling names and matching them up with their Secret Santa. I will be emailing those participants that I do not have their physical shipping addresses.
  7. Sunday, November 6, 2022, I will send everyone their Secret Santa.
  8. If you join and for some reason have to drop out please let us know asap so we can cover the other persons’ gift. If you have any doubt about being able to get someone else a present please pass this year and join another year.
  9. Your presents should be going out at the latest December 3, 2022. We want to make sure all packages arrive on time.
  10. If your present arrives early do not open it!! All presents should be opened on Christmas day in your time zone.
  11. If you want to hide your identity from your Secret Santa either use Hobby Link International Inc. and your address or email me and I will give you my address. This way if something goes wrong with a carrier it will come back and not be lost.
  12. Have fun and the spirit of giving is awesome!!And, as always if you are going to make YouTube videos the following image is the correct size to use as a thumbnail. We also ask that you put in the description of your video #hobbylinkinternational so we can all find your videos easily.


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