Star Trek 55th Anniversary GB – Dr. McCoy “Bones”

Star Trek 55th Anniversary GB - Dr. McCoy

Another great Star Trek Anniversary build finished up. Jalyn Morin has finished her Black Heart Models bust of Dr. McCoy “Bones”. Here is what she has to say about the build with accompanying photographs.

DeForest Kelley as Dr. McCoy
Resin bust by Black Heart Models (from HLI Christmas raffle).

This is my paint-up of Dr. McCoy. Being only my second figure, he ended up in the purple pond as one of the thinners lifted all the paint.

The face consisted mostly of Vallejo and Games Workshop Flesh tones, rosy flesh, and sand.
The hair and tunic were craft paint with the gold part of the badge Scale 75 elven gold.
As a perfectionist, I was legitimately shocked by how well this came out. The skin did not look right until the eyes and hair were painted.


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