Special Hobby News Jun 2024

1/48 L-4/NE-1 Grasshopper ‘Pacific Warriors’
The US Marines, US Army, RAAF and the Royal Netherlands East Indies Army Air Force (ML-KNIL), these are the operators we have picked for our new release of the L-4 Grashopper kit. The US Marines machine sported blue over grey scheme, while the other scheme in the kit have the more usual Olive Green on the upper surfaces with the same grey below. The US Marines, US Army and RAAF machines fought in WW2, the fourth scheme shows a ML-KNIL aircraft that took part in the conflict between Dutch and Indonesia forces.
The kit comes on two grey styrene sprues, one with clear parts, a photo etched fret and a sheet of decals with markings for the four schemes.
– nicely detailed model
– interesting colour schemes
– etches included
– separately available resin cast wheels 4452, 3D-printed engine P48002 and masks M48007

1/72 Nakajima Ki-43-III Hayabusa / Oscar 
Four interesting Japanese Army Air Force Oscar fighter schemes is what this latest reissue of the iconic Ki-43 Hayabusa / Oscar kit offers to the modeller. One of the machines was on the strength of a fighter unit while the other three were used by the Shinbu-Tai units and wore colourful markings, a blue arrow, red lightning…
The kit consits of three grey styrene sprues plus one with clear parts.
– Highly interesting schemes
– separately available sets 7408, 7408 and Q72332, pre-painted etches K72001 and also a new masks M72054 which we mention in this newsletter.

1/72 Gloster Meteor Mk.4
The Mk.4 Meteor jet was the first post war version of this twin engined jet and became a front-line fighter of the RAF as well as the air forces of Belgium and the Netherlands. Our model kit comes on two styrene sprues, one with clear parts and also offers a sheet of decals with markings for three RAF machines and one of the Dutch air force. Two of the British options have interesting connection with our country, then called Czechoslovakia, as they used to be flown by Miroslav Miro Liškutín and Charles Eagan Lamberton / Karel Lechner, who both first fled Czechoslovakia to fight the Nazis and a few years later were forced to flee for a second time, now by the new communist regime.
– large decal sheet with servicing stencils
– moving stories associated with the chosen schemes
– separately available mask M72034

1/72 CH-37 Mojave
Twin engined, piston engined CH-37 Mojave helicopter, also called Deuce, was at its time the world’s largest helicopter. It was also deployed in the Vietnam war, operated both by the US Army and US Marines. This model kit is back on offer, now reissued with a new sprue with fuel tanks of the correct size. Those in the earlier edition were quite bigger than needed. The three schemes remain the same.
– re-release of long time sold out model kit
– redesigned parts
– new instruction booklet
– separately available masks M72046

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