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1/72 CASA C-212-300/400 ‘Long Nosed Casas’

At the end of the 1960s, the Spanish air force begun to look for a type to replace the then widely used transport aircraft, of which the longest-serving were the Ju-52s built in the 1930s. The military issued requirements calling for a new transport and multi-purpose type and to fit these requirements, the CASA company brought forward their concept of a twin-engined, turbo-prop powered high-wing plane with fixed undercarriage and with STOL capabilities. The project known as the CASA C.212 Aviocar was accepted and a mass production was launched both in Spain and in Indonesia, there under a licence. First batches had all a short forward fuselage and were powered by various types of engines, later type designated C.212-300 sported longer fuselage, wings with winglets, more powerful engines, the TPE331-10R-513C and different propellers. 1998 saw the intoduction of the C.212-400 with TPE331-12JR-701C engines, upgraded avionics and higher payload.
It is no overstatement to say that the C.212s fly all over the world and the list of the operators might seem to be almost endless. The C.212 keep flying with the militaries of the USA (C-41), Mexico, Central and South America (Panama, Chile, Ecuador, Colombia and Argentina), in Europe, they were flown or still are in Sweden, Spain, Portugal, France, Malta, in Africa they can be found from the very Norht to the southern-most tip, flying for instance with Tchad, South Africa, Botswana, Zimbwabe among others. Down under in Australia the C.212s are used in the training of the local Red Barrets and also with the Australian Antarctic Division of the Department of the Environment which operate them in Antarctica. And in Asia, the type flies with operators in Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam or the Philippines, among others.
The model kit portrays the long-nose variety and offers the markings of the No.44 Sqn SAAF machine flown in South Africa, a Venezuelan airframe in service with the Escuadrón Aeronaval de Patrullaje Marítimo and a Argentina-based machine in the colours of Prefectura Naval (Coast Guard).

– high levels of detail
– interesting colour schemes of unusual operators

Sd.Kfz 250/1 Ausf.B (Neue Ausführung) 1/72
The Sd.Kfz 250 was developed to the Wehrmacht requirements to increase the numbers of German half track vehicle units. To speed up the development, the chassis of already existing non-armoured Demag D7 (Sd.Kfz 10) vehicle was used for which the Bussing company designed a new armoured hexagon-shaped hull, consisting of armoured plates joined at rather significant angles. The first prototype vehicle was built in 1939 and after it succeeded in demanding tests, the production was launched in 1941. Large numbers of this vehicle were built during 1942 and also in early 1943, known as the Alte Ausfuhrung (literally the Old Version). In 1943 the Neue Ausführung variety of the Sd.Kfz 250 begun to leave the production lines, differing by the hull shape. A total of almost 6000 of these first rate vehicles was built in several subtypes, fighting in the frst lines until the end of the war. They could be found on the Eastern front as well as in the west with some of the vehicles also in Africa. In the post war years, the Sd.Kfz 250 saw service with a couple of armies, too, including that of Czechoslovakia.
Our Sd.Kfz 250 model kit offers nice levels of detail and the marking schemes cover three Wehrmacht vehicles wearing various camouflage patterns.
– interesting colour schemes comprise also one vehicle from 1945 Berlin
– top quality model kit

P-40K-1/5 Warhawk ‘Short Fuselage’ 1/72

A US-built WW2 fighter aircraft in its short tail variety known as the P-40K-1/5 also featured a wider style tail fin. The kitset comes on three grey styrene sprues with another one with clear injected parts. Decal sheet also included with markings for four schemes:

P-40K-1 (42-46040), white 13, pilot 1.Lt. Robert J. “Crash” Overcash, 64.FS, 57.FG, Africa, May 1943 (5 victories)

P-40K, white 23, sen.lt. Nikolai Fedorovich Kuznetzov, 436. IAP, 239. IAD, 6. Air Army, Northwest Front, Soviet Union, winter 1943. (25 victories plus 12 in cooperation)

P-40K-5 (42-9768), white 255, Maj. Edward “Big Ed” M. Nollmeyer, CO 26 FS/51 FG, Kunming, Chína, December 1943. (5 victories)

P-40K, white 15, 25 FS, 51 FG, Assam Valley, India 1944.

– nicely detailed and highly accurate model, arguably the best 1/72 P-40 currently available
– extremely easy assembly
– wide variety of colourful schemes
– accurate decals
– also available: pre-cut masks M72015, figures and great many other detail sets to improve your model even further

SIAI-Marchetti SF-260M/AM/W 1/72

The SF-260 is an Italian trainer, sports and aerobatic aeroplane that can be found literally world-wide. Here in Europe, it is used by the militaries of Italy, Belgium as well as by the Irish Air Corps.
Our kit set no SH72418 was first released in October 2020 and it took us only two months to sell the complete production, the modellers however still demand it to be re-released and so the SF-260 in 72nd is here once again. The box contains five styrene sprues including one with the clear canopy parts (of the earlier, low style) and sports schemes of Italian, Belgian and Irish airframes in the M, AM and W versions. The later machines of the second generation will find their way to the yet coming re-release with the taller canopy of the SF260EA/D versions.
The decal sheet brings complete markings of a Belgian machine wearing anniversary scheme, an Italian one also in bright anniversary scheme and a military-looking Irish SF-260W with underwing pylons and armament.

– colourful schemes
– decals with complete sets of stencils, each machine with its own and compared with other available SF-260 models, our one prides with detail and crisp parts and a correct style of the canopy.
– separately available pre-cut masks M72011 and figure set F72375 SF-260 Italian Pilots

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