The 2023 Halloween Group Build – The Mummy


This is my effort for the 2023 Halloween Group Build. This Atlantis kit depicts Lon Chaney as the Mummy in the 1942 horror film The Mummy’s Tomb.
For a kit made from the original molds, it went together nicely with minimal seam work to fill in. The paints I used were Vallejo and craft store paints, the Stella on the back left is an Etsy find and the pharaoh’s head on the back right is an aquarium decoration. the base is made of African Padauk. The short story for the movie is about a team of archeologists searching for the tomb of Princess Ananka. They discover her tomb full of golden riches with a cryptic message “Death will come on swift pinions to those who disturb the rest of Ananka on a second door of the tomb containing the mummy of Kahris, a high priest who was to protect Ananka in death.
Of course, that warning was ignored. 30 years later the high priest Andoheb explained to his follower Mehemet how to use ancient Tana leaves to restore the mummy and was given the task of taking Kharis to America to let him terminate the remaining members of the team and all of their descendants who defiled the tomb of princess Ananka.



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