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Jaguar XJR-9 LM (Le Mans type)20654 Jaguar XJR-9
Scale … 1:24
Product number ………… 20654
Release date … Around August 9, 2023 P
Model Overall length … 200mm
Model overall width … 83.5mm
Decal (Marking)
1988 Le Mans 24-hour race car CAR No.2 (win), CAR No.22 (4th), CAR No.21 (16th), CAR No.1, CAR No.3

Boeing 777-200 “Demonstrator”10857 BOEING 777 200
Scale … 1:200
Product number ………… 10857
Release date … Around August 09, 2023
Model Overall length … 319mm
Model overall width … 305mm
Decal (Marking)
Demonstrator machine “N7771” (Unit 1) (rolled out on April 9, 1994)

Mitsubishi F-2B “Prototype 4”
Scale : 1:72
Product number : 02448
Release date : Around August 11, 2023
Model length : 209mm
model Width … 156mm

With the addition of new resin parts,
the 4th prototype belonging to ADTW is reproduced on a 1/72 scale!

This machine is equipped with a camera for measurement on the underside of the fuselage in order to test shooting bombing and dumping.
Measurement equipment is installed in the rear seat part, and it is a single seat.

resin parts
rear camera fairing
rear seat cover
Video camera

Decal (Marking)
Air Self-Defense Force Flight Development Experiment Group Technical Research Headquarters F-2 Prototype No. 4 “102”

F/A-18F Super Hornet “VX-9 Vandy 1”
Scale … 1:72
Product number … 02447
Release date … Around August 11, 2023
Model length … 255mm
model Width … 184mm

Set the parts of Block II specifications.

Decal (Marking)
US Navy 9th Air Test Evaluation Squadron Affiliated Machine “XE1: Vandy 1” (March 2023)

Lamborghini Miura P400 SV “Chassis No.4846 Full Restore”
Scale : 1:24
Product number : 20652
Release date : Around August 23, 2023
Model length : 181.5mm
Width of model : 77mm

Reproduce the fully restored “Miura 50th Anniversary” unveiled in 2016!

Automobili Lamborghini’s restoration department “Polo Storico” fully restored the
green metallic “Chassis No. 4846”, 2016, the 50th anniversary of the Miura’s official announcement at the Geneva Motor Show held in March 1966.
In 2015, it was unveiled as a model to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the announcement of Miura.
The body part color is green.

Lancia Stratos HF “Chardonnay”
Scale : 1:24
Product number : 20653
Release date : Around August 23, 2023
Model length : 160mm
model Width … 78mm

Reproduce the Stratos of the private team “Chardonnay”!
Body parts color is blue.

Decal (Marking)
Private Team “Chardonnay” 1979 Monte Carlo Rally Winner Car No.4 Driver B. Darnish
Private Team “Chardonnay” 1979 Tour de Corse Rally Winner Car No.1 Driver B. Darnish

Mitsubishi G3M2/G3M3 Type 96 Land Attack Aircraft Model 22/23 “Motoyama Air Corps”
Scale … 1:72
Product number ………… 02446
Release date … Around August 23, 2023
Model length … 228.5mm
Width of model : 347mm

An illustration package by Mr. Tadashiro Kato!
Reproduce the machine belonging to the Motoyama Navy Air Corps.

Armament is a selection formula of 60 kg bomb x 8 and 250 kg bomb x 2.

Decal (Marking)
Motoyama Navy Air Corps machine “G-336”, “G-343”

Kawasaki KR250 (KR250A) “Red/Gray Color
Scale … 1:12
Product number ………… 21751 C
Release date … Around August 26, 2023
Model length … 168mm model
Width … 59mm

Reproduce the Firecracker Red x Graystone model!

Selection formula of tandem specification / single seat specification.
The state without the cowl can also be reproduced.
Cowl + tank parts color is red.

Decal (Marking)
Firecracker Red x Graystone Model

ShinMaywa US-1A “71st Air Group”
Scale : 1:72
Product number : 02449
Release date : Around August 26, 2023
Model length : 465mm
model Width … 460mm

US-1A with improved engine output is reproduced by adding resin parts!
The package illustration is handled by Mr. Tadashiro Kato.

resin parts
Main landing gear storage bulge
upper nose antenna
Vertical tail left wing speaker

Decal (Marking)
Maritime Self-Defense Force 71st Air Corps Affiliation machine First machine: “9077” (1982 receipt)
Maritime Self-Defense Force 71st Air Corps Affiliation final machine: “9090” (2005 receipt)

Kawasaki T-4 “Egg Girls Rei Hazumi”
Scale … 1:72
Product number … SP567
Release date … Around August 26, 2023

T-4 with the original scheme of Tamago Girls “Rei Hazumi” has appeared♪
The design is planned to feature illustrations drawn by Takashi Fujisawa on each part of the fuselage.

*Figures are not included in the kit.

“Ace Combat 7 Skies Unknown” F-15C Eagle “Strider 2”
Scale … 1:48
Product number … SP566
Release date … Around August 30, 2023 P
Model length … 406mm
model Width … 272mm

ACE COMBAT™7: SKIES UNKNOWN & ©Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.

From Ace Combat 7, the second unit of the Strider squad, “Strider 2”,
will be made into a 1/48 scale kit!

Airframe parts color is gray.
The package uses CG images.

Decal (Marking)
“Ace Combat 7 Skies Unknown” Count Boarding Machine “Strider 2”

SUZUKI JIMNY (JA11-5 type) w/grill guard
Scale … 1:24
Product number ………… 20650
Release date … Around August 30, 2023
Off-road custom with grill guard!

Set the grill guard of new resin parts.
Body parts color is white.

resin parts
grill guard

Datsun Bluebird 1600 SSS “Custom Wheel”
Scale : 1:24
Product number : 20651
Release date : Around August 30, 2023
Model length : 172mm
model Width … 66mm

Ultra Hawk No. 1UM1
Scale … 1:144
Product number … UM1
Release date … Around September 02, 2023
Number of parts … 63
models Overall length … 292mm
Model overall width … 158mm

Developed by the Earth Defense Force (TDF) for the Ultra Garrison, Ultra Hawk 1 is a multi-purpose aircraft used for combat, bombing, patrol and reconnaissance. This machine, which is stored in the underground dock of the Far East base and waits, can be launched within one minute from the sortie request. The biggest feature of Ultra Hawk No. 1 is that it was developed with a very unique concept of separating and combining with three aircraft, α, β, and γ. It has a crew of 5-6 people, and when separated, 1 member each can ride on β and γ, and attack with 3 aircraft. In addition, it is possible to replace the armament according to the operation, and in addition to the missiles and laser cannons normally equipped, it is also possible to store and transport the heavy armament of the rocket launcher or the pointer. “Ultra Hawk No. 1”, which is active in the Ultra Seven play, is reproduced with Hasegawa’s unique aircraft expression and precise sculpture. Of course α, β, and γ are part configurations that can be separated and combined! By using a strong magnet, the position is determined firmly without spoiling the appearance. Armed with a rocket launcher. A display stand is also included.

12Real Figure Collection No.33 “Mad Soldier”
Scale … 1:12
Product number … SP565
Release date … Around September 02, 2023

A high-quality realistic modeled figure by top sculptor Satoshi Tsujimura is
delivered in an affordable resin kit!

The 33rd is a sci-fi fantasy female warrior who lives in a devastated world!

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