The 2023 TV And Movie Group Build – The Six Million Dollar Man


Here’s my 3D printed figure of The Six Million Dollar Man created with my Saturn 8K printer using files from designer wemakemonsters found on The figure measures 9″ in height, has a good likeness to Lee Majors and is sculpted with the workout suit seen in the pilot episode and opening credits. The figure consists of 5 parts along with the base and I used Apoxie sculpt putty to fill in any gaps where the upper limbs join the torso and the legs attach to the waist. The bulk of the figure was airbrushed using Bold Pyrrole Red from Monument Hobbies. This was my first experience with their product and I found it easy to apply with my Eclipse airbrush. It dried quickly with a nice even finish. The face was hand painted using colors from Vallejo Model colors. I started with a base color consisting of approx 70/20/10 Beige Red, Mahogany Brown, and Pale Flesh tone. Shadows and highlights were made by altering the darkness and brightness of the base color and wet blending.

This unique sculpt is another example of how 3D printing opens up another dimension to our hobby allowing us the opportunity to add unique pieces to our collections.


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