The 2023 TV And Movie Group Build – Starfleet Airtram


This is my completed 1/72 Starfleet Airtram from Cozmic Scale Models. The model is 1/72 scale and measures about 6″ in length. It is a 3D-printed model kit that includes interior details. The completed ship appears to be fairly accurate and a great representation of the airtram.

The model was lit with small SMDs from Evan that included a blinking yellow for the top yellow siren.  The exterior was painted with Vallejo’s Flat white and then sprayed with a gloss coat. Although the kit came with red striping, I purchased pin striping at an auto parts store so that it would be a little wider and bolder.

The display base was made using 3D-printed parts. The files for those were designed by Marc Fraley. The track consists of 3 separate pieces and were lit with flexible Filaments from The back wall was also designed by Fraley. The two sections are glued to a 2mm thick sheet of styrene which attaches via magnets. This makes it easy to separate the wall when needed.

The figures were all 3D printed using files from CGtrader and were easy to paint with the colors needed for the Starfleet uniforms. The diorama displays the scene from the movie in which Kirk exits the shuttle and meets Commander Sonak as they head off the Starfleet command. The base is about 10″ in length, 7″ deep.

It was a very fun project to work on for sure.


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