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F/A-18F Super Hornet “Top Gun”
Scale … 1:72
Product number … 02404 C
Release date … Around September 07, 2022
Number of parts … 121
models Overall length … 225mm
Model overall width … 184mm

Reproduce the aircraft used in NAWDC’s combat attack tactics instructor program “Top Gun”!

Decal (Marking)
U.S. Navy Naval Air Warfare Development Center (NAWDC)
Naval Fighter Weapons School “Top Gun” affiliation machine “107” “101” “104” “106”

F-14A Tomcat (High Visibility)
Scale … 1:72
Product number … E3
Release date … Around September 07, 2022

Mitsubishi Local Fighter Raiden Model 21
Scale … 1:48
Product number … JT45
Release date … Around September 07, 2022

F-15J Eagle “JASDF”
Scale … 1:72
Item number … E12
Release date … Around September 08, 2022

F/A-18F Super Hornet
Scale … 1:72
Item number … E18
Release date … Around September 08, 2022
The F/A-18F Super Hornet is the
US Navy’s most advanced jet fighter/attack aircraft.

This machine is based on the F/A-18C and has been significantly upgraded. The first thing that catches your eye is the larger size of the fuselage and the angular intake shape. In addition, it is finished in an aircraft that incorporates future development potential.

The F-type is a two-seat type aircraft and is being deployed as a successor to the F-14 Tomcat.

The kit accurately reproduces the form of the Super Hornet. We will fully express the sharp lines of the latest machine. Equipped with an additional tank, AIM-9X Sidewinder, and AIM-120C AMRAAM.

Decal (Marking)
102nd Fighter Attack Squadron (VFA-102) Diamondbacks Squadron Leader Machine “NF102”
102nd Fighter Attack Squadron (VFA-102) Diamondbacks “NG102” (March 2002)
2nd Fighter Attack Squadron (VFA-2) “Bounty Hunters” CAG machine “NF100”

F-20 Tigershark
Scale … 1:72
Product number … B3
Release date … Around September 14, 2022

Tiger I & Panther G “German Main Battle Tank Combo”
Scale … 1:72
Product number ………… 30067
Release date … Around September 14, 2022

1/72 Tiger I early type and Panther G type early production type 2-car set!

Tiger I’s barrel markings are set with the latest decals.

Decal (Marking)
Tiger I Early Type: SS 1st Tank Regiment 13th Company Michael Wittmann SS Second Lieutenant Knight’s Cross Commemorative Painted Car “S04” (Ukraine: January 1944)
Panther G type: 27th Tank Regiment 2nd Company affiliation car “201” (Poland: September 1944)

EA-18G Growler
Scale … 1:72
Product number … E38
Release date … Around September 14, 2022
Model length … 255mm
model Width … 190.5mm

Newly added electronic warfare pods (AN/ALQ-99, ALQ-218(V)2), antenna fairing, missile AGM-88E AARGM parts for enemy air defense network suppression mission. Furthermore , EA-18G is reproduced using Block II parts such as chimney duct type fuselage top parts . Shigeo Koike is in charge of the package illustration.

Additional plastic parts
◇AN/ALQ-99 Tactical Jammer Pod
◇AGM-88E AARGM anti-radar missile
◇ AN/ALQ-218(V)2 tactical jammer pod
◇Antenna fairing etc.

Decal (Marking)
◇ 132nd Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron “Scorpions” Squadron Captain “NL540” (2010)
◇ 129th Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron “Vikings” Air Wing Commander “NJ550” (2008)

EA-18G Growler
Scale … 1:48
Product number … PT52
Release date … Around September 15, 2022

US Navy’s strongest electronic warfare machine This machine is an electronic warfare machine developed as a successor to the Prowler.

Since it is based on the F/A-18F, it is also characterized by its ability to attack, and it can be equipped with air-to-air missiles for self-defense and anti-radar missiles (an advanced version of HARM) for ground attacks.

Completely reproduce the Block II specifications with new plastic parts. In making the kit, we have newly developed EA-18G exclusive parts for electronic warfare equipment and update parts to upgrade the conventional “Block I” to the latest specification “Block II” .

The decals are “AJ500” (CAG) from VAQ-141 and “NJ550” (CVWP) from VAQ-129 of the conversion training squadron.

Additional plastic parts
・Electronic warfare pod ・Antenna fairing ・AGM-88E AARGM parts
・Update parts for Block II

Decal (Marking)
Aircraft carrier USS George HW Bush mounted 141st Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron “Shadow Hawks” Air Wing Commander “AJ500” (2010)
Pacific Fleet Electronic Attack Wing 129th Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron “Vikings” Wing Commander “NJ550” (2008)

F-8E Crusader
Scale … 1:72
Product number … C9
Release date … Around September 15, 2022

F-16 Fighting Falcon (Type D) “Korea Air Force”
Scale … 1:48
Product number … 07512
Release date … Around September 17, 2022
Model length … 315mm
model Width … 198mm

Set parts for Block 52 such as IFF antenna in front of the canopy, leg cover, target pod parts.

Decal (Marking)
Korean Air Force 38th Combat Air Group affiliation machine “112”
Korean Air Force 20th Fighter Wing affiliation machine “528”

F-4EJ Kai Super Phantom/One Piece Canopy
Scale … 1:48
Product number … PT7
Release date … Around September 17th, 2022

F-14A Tomcat
Scale … 1:48
Product number … PT46
Release date … Around September 23, 2022

F-35 Lightning II (Type B) “Prototype”
Scale … 1:72
Product number ………… 02412 C
Release date … Around September 23, 2022
Number of parts … 104
models Overall length … 232mm
Model overall width … 148mm

Reproduce the flight test aircraft with vivid lightning on the tail!

From the 13 SDD (system development and demonstration) machines made from A to C types, we will reproduce the “BF-1”, which is the first model of the B type. The kit includes plastic parts for a large pitot tube and a large blade antenna. Near the weapon bay on the side of the aircraft, the national flags of the nine countries involved in the development of the F-35 are drawn.

Decal (Marking)
F-35B SDD flight test machine first machine “BF-01”

F-35 Lightning II (Type B) “US Marine”
Scale … 1:72
Product number … E46
Release date … Around September 28, 2022
Number of parts … 101
models Overall length … 217mm
Model overall width … 148mm

From the 5th generation latest stealth fighter “F-35”, the B type capable of short takeoff vertical landing (STOVL) is made into a kit. Lift fan upper/lower door, engine door, etc. can be opened or closed. The legs can be selected between flight state and parking state.
The nozzle has a structure that can be removed, and it can be moved with the same rotation mechanism as the actual machine! This makes it possible to reproduce the state at the time of departure (short takeoff). The flaperon, horizontal stabilizer, and vertical stabilizer are integrally formed with his slide mold to achieve a crisp detail expression.
Includes one pilot figure (sitting position) wearing the latest helmet and an exhibition stand.

Decal (Marking)
E46_four sides_2018_01_31
U.S. Marine Corps 121st Marine Fighter Attack Squadron
“Green Knights” captain machine “VK01” (Iwakuni Air Base 2017)

KC-130H Hercules “JASDF Gray Scheme”
Scale … 1:200
Product number ………… 10851
Release date … Around September 29, 2022
Number of parts … 66 models
Overall length … 168mm
Model overall width … 204mm

Reproduce the mid-air refuelling type wearing the same gray camouflage as the C-2!

Set the refuelling pod parts equipped on the underside of the main wing.

Decal (Marking)
Air Self-Defense Force 1st Transport Air Corps No. 401 Squadron Affiliation Machine “080” (Komaki Base: 2021)

F-104J/CF-104 Starfighter (JASDF/Canadian Air Force)
Scale … 1:72
Product number … D16
Release date … Around September 29th, 2022

Kyushu J7W1 Local Fighter Shinden “Teito Defense 1946”
Scale : 1:48
Product number : 07511
Release date : Around October 1, 2022 P
Number of parts : 56 models
Overall length … 196.5mm
Model overall width … 231mm

What if the Shinden had been deployed in combat?

Decal (Marking)
Japanese Navy 302nd Naval Air Corps machine “Yo D-106” (1946)
Luftwaffe affiliation machine “Red 13” (1946)

Kawasaki T-4 “Blue Impulse 2022”
Scale … 1:48
Product number …… 07513
Release date … Around October 1, 2022
Number of parts … 118 models
Overall length … 258mm
Model overall width … 207mm

Decal (Marking)
JASDF 4th Wing 11th Squadron “Blue Impulse” belonging machine (Matsushima base: 2022)

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