Wave Corporation Science Ninja Team Gatchaman God Phoenix


Hi, Everyone!

Fans of the original, classic 1972 anime series Science Ninja Team Gatchaman (or the 1978 adaptation “Battle of the Planets” to the Western world) rejoice…again! After Academy Plastic Model released their modern take on the God Phoenix in December 2020, Wave Corporation of Japan is now ready to put out their anime-accurate version (kit number GR-011)!

  • Classic anime design plus enhanced panel line detail
  • Non-scale: 22 cm (8.66 inches) in length
  • All G Machines – G1 Mecha fighter jet, G2 Mecha race car, G3 Mecha motorcycle, and G4 Mecha tank – are included
  • Bird Missiles and Super Bird Missiles included
  • Complete landing gear assemblies
  • Detailed VTOL (vertical take-off) system
  • 7800 yen (currently about $63.00 U.S.D.) MSRP
  • June 2022 scheduled release

Check out the gallery below for official images!

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