2023 Star Wars Group Build – Royal Naboo N-1 StarFighter


Greetings all! Hope everybody’s builds are going well. I wasn’t really sure if I would finish this in time, BUT somehow I was able to get this all wrapped up. So, here is my completed 1/48th scale N1 Starfighter model kit by AMT, with custom base, and scratch built sci-fi equipment. I wanted to try and base my model off of the Attack of the Clones movie opening, so we’ll say that this N1 has just landed on Coruscant, after an escort mission from Naboo. At least that was my inspiration.

For the kit, I ended up rebuilding the entire cockpit from spare parts, added lights to the engines, installed fiber optic cables for the coping gauge cluster, and used a single SMD for the instrument panel. I scratch built the boarding ladder using an old A4 Skyhawk ladder and added wire handholds to make it a bit safer. The random “equipment” was just for fun. I had intended to add a label/nameplate there, but I didn’t have time to make one. Instead, I dug through my spares and cobbled together parts to make something that looked vaguely “sci-fi”. I’ll say it’s a generator or some such nondescript maintenance equipment.

The base is a simple wooden box with EVA foam glued on top. I used my x-acto knife to draw out a pattern based on some reference stills, then hit it with a heat gun to open the cuts. I topped it off by painting it with an assortment of colors to give it an almost alien look, and mounted the ship using a short piece of painted copper tubing.

The N1 is one of my favorite Star Wars ships, and I had a great time with this project. If anyone is interested, I should have my final video up tomorrow on my YT channel, but here are my photos, just in time for the GB cutoff date!

Thanks, everybody,


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