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1/35 Sikorsky CH-54A Tarhe
US heavy helicopter

The CH-54 Tarhe helicopter was developed by Sikorsky Aircraft, a company founded by the prominent Ukrainian aircraft designer Igor Sikorsky. The first flight of the helicopter (originally named S-64) took place on May 9, 1962.
The helicopter was built on a modular principle, which simplified its maintenance and repair. It had a tall three-post landing gear with a front support, which allowed a tractor with a trailer approach its fuselage freely.
The helicopter’s powerful winches allowed it to pick up cargo in a hover mode, without the need to land on the ground. During the Vietnam War it evacuated damaged airplanes and various helicopters, transported artillery pieces, cars, tanks and even combat boats on an external sling.
It was also used to drop high-powered bombs to clear the forest for an airfield. This helicopter set 10 world records for its class, including lifting a 15-ton cargo to 3307 meters. The civilian version of the helicopter (Erickson S-64 Aircrane) is still in successful operation today.

1/72 URAL-4320
Military Truck of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The 6×6 Ural-4320 army truck was designed to transport cargo, people and towing trailers on all types of roads.
Production of Ural-4320 trucks was launched on November 17, 1977, and its improved versions are still being manufactured. It has significant advantages over similar vehicles and can easily overcome ditches and hills. The truck body can be made of metal or wood, it has folding sides, and it is also possible to install arcs and awnings.
The Ural-4320 is widely used by various branches of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to solve a wide range of tasks.

1/48 OV-10A Bronco
US Marine Corps, Light Attack Aircraft

The first prototype of OV-10A Bronco raised into the air in July 1965. After flight tests, the aircraft entered serial production. The US Air Force ordered 109 aircrafts, and the US Marine Corps – another 76.
After the war in Vietnam, the aircraft remained in service with aviation units and were modernized over time. The Marine Corps OV-10A received a digital threat warning system AN/APR-39, which monitors the surrounding environment for the presence of radar signals and warns the crew about dangerous sources of radiation. In addition, the AN/ALQ-144 Infrared Jammer “Disco Light”and the AN/ALE-39 Counter Measure Dispenser System were installed on these aircraft. Aircrafts, equipped in this way, took part in the operation “Desert Storm” in the winter of 1991. This operation was the last episode of combat use of the OV-10 Bronco aircraft in the US Marine Corps aviation, and in 1994 they were finally withdrawn from its combat composition.

1/16 Soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine
The full-scale war that began in February 2022 posed a serious challenge to the Ukrainian army. Despite the difficult conditions and the difference in military capabilities, the actions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have been highly praised by military experts around the world. According to some estimates, the Ukrainian army is now considered one of the most trained and skilled armies in the world. It is based on soldiers with real combat experience. The successful actions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were largely made possible by their high motivation, independence in decision-making, and ingenuity on the battlefield. The mobility of the Ukrainian army during maneuvering and movement is also noted. The basis of the combat power of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is the Land Forces, which bear the brunt of the war. Infantry units of mechanized, motorized infantry, mountain assault brigades and the Territorial Defense Forces make up the bulk of the combat units involved in direct combat operations.

1/24 WWII German Staff Personnel
March 15, 1935, when the introduction of general military conscription was announced in the country, is considered by date of emergence of the new armed forces of Germany – the Wehrmacht. The size of the army was determined to be approximately 36 divisions, and the basis of the ground forces was the Land Army of the Reichswehr. Despite the restrictions imposed on Germany by the Treaty of Versailles, its personnel was distinguished by its high qualities. In the areas of training and special preparation of troops, this army was significantly superior to its former opponents. Very high demands were placed on the officer corps of the Wehrmacht. The corps was a corporate closed organization with its own ideas about officer honor and moral guidelines, which were very strictly followed. Many officers were former officers of the Kaiser’s army. A separate role in the Wehrmacht was played by staff officers who enjoyed special attention and played an important role in directing operations.

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