The 2023 TV And Movie Group Build – Jonny Quest


Here’s my completed Jonny Quest diorama. I used my Saturn Elegoo to create this from files that can be found on CGTrader, designer Uel. The adult figures stand about 6″ tall so I guess that makes this about 1/12 scale. The base adds another 2″.

This piece is beautifully designed featuring all of the characters from the show including Bandit. They were all hand-painted using paints from the Vallejo Model Colors line. I tried duplicating the colors and shades seen on the show. For Dr. Quest’s lab coat, I decided on the blue-gray seen in one of my favorite episodes, the Robot Spy (Spider robot). The base itself is nicely decorated with a rainforest terrain. I had to use apoxie sculpt putty to fill in the gaps that were present along all of the slots provided for the figures and the 3 taller plants. I molded and blended the putty to duplicate the look of the terrain.

The rim along the bottom features a few nods to the show including the snakes you see in the credits, a mummy arm, and the buried head and legs of the spider robot. Jonny Quest was one of my favorite animated series growing up and I was so excited to see this was available on Cgtrader. The designer did a beautiful job and has many other Hannah Barbera sculpts available on his page.

Link to the files


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