1:25 Scale Ford F-100 Service Truck


Moebius Models 1:25 Ford F-100 Service Truck
2019 Release

Going out of my comfort zone here, because I usually work on sci-fi or military kits, and I really know nothing about cars or trucks. However, I wanted to try something new, and see what techniques I could pick up along the way.

Let’s talk about the model: The design is strong. It also comes with various options (such as two different sets of decals, and three types of side mirrors). The kit also contains extra parts that could be used for other types of customs.

Some of the holes need to be drilled out from the inside, and some openings need to be widened so that the parts fit together properly. The instructions aren’t 100% clear in certain areas (I included an example where the angle of the diagram is less than ideal – see the red circle – I had to guess where the hoses attached). The engine area is lacking a good number of cables and hoses, but I imagine that’s true for most car and truck kits.

Major modifications: I scratch built the accessories (items in the front seat, cans, hoses, and pipes in the back). The antenna is stretched sprue. The engine grime is pastel dust. The “Big Roy’s” decal is a custom (bragging rights go to the first person who can identify the reference).

What I learned: This is my first real attempt at stretched sprue. I also tried a new technique to scuff the rubber tires – I placed them in the freezer overnight (to minimize distortion), then fit them around a Dremel bit and scuffed them with sandpaper while they were spinning.


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