The 2022 Figures And Busts Group Build – Thelev The Andorian

This amazing sculpt of Thelev the Andorian is from Blackheartmodels. It’s a really good likeness of William O’Connell who played the character. The sculpt was painted with Vallejo Model Colors. I used about a 70/30 mix of Deep Sky Blue / White for the blue flesh tone. The tunic was painted with a mix of Uniform Green and Med Cam Brown (approx 60/40). The chainmail armor underneath was painted with Vallejo Air Silver. Both the tunic and chainmail were then washed with a dark brown wash to bring out all of that great texture. The hair was painted with a mix of White/Sky blue 90/10 adding in darker tones for the shadows and pure white for the highlights. The bust stands about 6″ tall when on the base.


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