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Review Iliad Design 1/48 Piper L-4 Grasshopper

Review Iliad Design 1/48 Piper L-4 Grasshopper

This is a new decal sheet from Iliad Design.

This sheet from Iliad Design gives you 6 different decal options.

These decals are designed to work with the new Special Hobby kit but will probably also work with the older Hibbycraft kits.

Inside the bag:
Inside the bag we have:

  • One double-sided colour sheet of instructions
  • One 14.5 cm by 20.5 cm decal sheet

The options offered are:

  • L-4 “Miss Me” F-156 shoot down, 1945
  • L-4 “Flying Weasel”, 546th Bomb Sq, 384th BG, Grafton, UK, 1944
  • L-4 Camp Clipper, California, 1943
  • L-4 Free French Forces
  • L-4 2nf French Armoured Dov
  • L-4 US Navy, 1944-45


The instructions are a single-sided full-colour sheet and cover 6 decal/painting schemes.

The front of the instructions shows side views of all 6 aircraft. The reverse of the sheet gives top views of the aircraft.

There’s lots of extra information on the sheet to help you get your painting correct. Each design has notes specific to it that will help get things perfect.


Another very nice decal sheet from Iliad Design with excellent instructions and an interesting selection of themes.

The sheet is available from Iliad Design in Canada and other dealers.

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