The 2023 TV And Movie Group Build Rules


Welcome to the Hobby Link International 2023 TV And Movie Group Build. This build was decided by our YouTube members for this calendar year. We have had a lot of group builds in the past so we wanted to simplify things. In this group build you will be able to build anything you have seen on TV from Sitcoms to Commercials and anything you have seen on the Big Screen. So let us get to the rules.

The TV And Movie Group Build 2023:

  1. You must enter a new kit. Previously started kits will not be allowed in the group build. This is to get everyone started off on the same foot.
  2. What is considered a build? It can be a kit, 3D printed, or scratch-built. Just putting together or printing out a file is not considered a build. A build has work done to it such as sanding, filling, gluing, painting, etc. Models or 3D prints with nothing done to them will not be accepted.
  3. Your build must be of a subject seen on TV or in the Movies. It could be a figure, firetruck, plane, etc. If you are unsure if your build fits in please email us at so we can help you out.
  4. Your build can be any scale, manufacturer, material, scratch build, 3D printed, or more as long as it is something from Television and Movies.
  5. Your build will be made into an article for the main site Hobby Link International for the modeling community to enjoy.
  6. You do not have to be an HLI Community member to join this build but we encourage you to join and post the progress of your build with the community.
  7. We will have a live YouTube stream to show off everyone’s hard work! The date for the live stream will be announced as we reach the end of the build.

Photo Entries For Articles And The Live Show

  1. To have your build featured on the main site and in the yearly live stream please make sure you follow these rules.
  2. You need to submit 5 but no more than 15 pictures of your build.
  3. Make sure you have a clean background for the best viewing possible pictures with cluttered backgrounds will not be accepted. If your background is cluttered we will ask you to submit new pictures.
  4. You need to number order your pictures in a three-digit format (001.jpeg, 002.jpeg, 003, and so on) this makes it easier for us to keep your pictures in order.
  5. Submit your pictures to either our official email or our Dropbox that uses the same email address.
  6. Or you can join the HLI Community at and post your completed builds and write-ups in the Annual Group Build Showcase which can be found here.
  7. If possible please reduce the file size of your pictures. You can do this in your photo editor or you can use a site like
  8. File size reduction to 1MB again if possible. This is to save space on our servers the bigger the pictures the more room they take up on the server.

The Most Important Rule Of All

Have fun and enjoy your build!!! We love seeing your work and we hope you join in on the build!!!


This build begins on January 1, 2023, and ends on December 31, 2023, at 11:59 pm EST. We need all pictures and write-ups by this deadline.

The Live Show will be held in January 2024.

The picture below is correctly sized to be used as a thumbnail for your YouTube Videos. If you are making videos for the group build we ask that you title them The HLI Figures and Busts GB. This way if people search they will find all of our builds. If you are going to do videos on YouTube please use #hobbylinkinternational in your description it will help us all find your builds 🙂 thank you!


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