The 2022 Halloween Group Build – When Mars Attacks

The 2022 TV And Movies Group Build - When Mars Attacks

Here is my entry for the GB. When Mars Attacks. This was my HLI Secret Santa gift from Mr. C.
The kit was painted using Vallejo Air, Tamiya, and craft acrylic paints. The blood was done using inks, and gloss coated. I did the blood splatter using a brush and flicked the ink onto the model, notice the Martian has some on his boots.

I attempted to light the pole, but the globe came in 2 parts, and the seam took some work to fix, I painted the globe white hoping the light would just illuminate it, but it didn’t come out very good. It’s wired for 9V but I won’t be using it.

All in all a very fun kit. Thank you Mr. C for the kit, I hope I did it justice.


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