The 2022 Halloween Group Build – Mickey Voorhees


I have completed my build for this year’s Halloween Group Build by the skin of my teeth yet again. This year I 3D printed the files for Mickey Jason. I changed his name to Mickey Voorhees because it sounds better.

The print was about 14 hours altogether so it was not that long of a waiting period. All of the pieces printed out very nicely and clean-up was pretty simple on this kit. The files do not come pre-supported so you have to do that on your own.

Mickey only comes in 5 parts, not including the base. You will have to print up his head, arms, machete, and body. I began by painting the head first and moved on to the arms, then the body, the machete, and finally the base. Mickey was painted using a variety of acrylics from Vallejo, Tamiya, and Ammo By Mig. There will be a single full-length video with all of the details soon. So keep an eye out for that.

And, here is Mickey Voorhees for your viewing pleasure! Happy Halloween!!


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