The 2022 Halloween Group Build – The Forgotten Prisoner


This is The Forgotten Prisoner of Castle Mare by Atlantis. It’s an old kit with glow-in-the-dark bones included. It is an easy kit that went together well except for a few gaps and seam lines. I was amazed at how the joints fit together so tightly.

I Used Vallejo ivory for the bones and Prussian blue for the jacket. Tamiya brown for his pants and buff for the shirt. The sash was done with folk art Tuscan red. The walls and floor are in Vallejo dark grey over neutral gray. On the chains and wall mounts, I used powdered rust from some rust flakes I got from some old pipe I carried. The weathering is something I think is soot from an old furnace I found in a brickyard. It can be rubbed on with a q-tip and looks dry or brushed on with a damp brush for a different effect.

On the floor, I used some mortar cause it looks like a stone floor and gives it some stability. The only problem area was the leg chain. It’s too short if you want him to remain flatfooted, so I just cut it like it rusted off.
Overall a quick easy build

You can also check out Benny’s video here


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