Good Smile Company Aliens Power Loader


Hi, Everyone!

Good Smile Company of Japan has released a styrene model kit of the Power Loader from the classic 1986 science fiction action film Aliens!

  • 1:12 scale
  • Approximately 240 mm (9.45 inches) in height
  • Hydraulic cylinders extend and retract in conjunction with the models arm and leg parts
    Using an internal gear system, the claws can also be opened and closed
  • The wiring cables have been recreated with soft tube material
  • In-scale, articulated Ellen Ripley is included
  • Water slide decals to recreate the markings of the machine are also included
  • Released July 2022
  • 9500 yen (currently about $66.00 U.S.D.) MSRP

Check out the gallery below for official images!

Get away from her, you B***H!

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