The Cars Of The 50’s Group Build – 1955 Chevy Nomad


Here’s my 55 Nomad. I’m not sure why I keep buying AMT kits because they are trash; my stash is full of them. It’s probably because they have such a great variety of cars while other manufacturers are limited. Everything went smoothly until trying to put the body on the car. The firewall hits the engine so the entire inside of the car is shifted backward a bit. None of the chrome fit correctly and the final assembly was a bit of a nightmare. That said, I did what I could with the kit. The paint is Mr. Color pearl white on the roof and Vallejo color shift old gold gray violet on the body. The trim is Alclad chrome and the whole car is sealed with Pledge Revive It (Future). I dropped the front end to give it a bit of a rake. The stance of the car is probably my favorite part of the build.


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