The 2022 Star Trek Group Build – Romulan Bird Of Prey


This is the Polar Lights 1/1000 scale Romulan Bird Of Prey. The kit is pretty accurate except I think the windows and sensors are a little too raised on the kit. The kit goes together well and is a great resemblance to what we saw in the show.

I used the Greenstrawberry Romulan BoP PE set for the kit. The kit actually has accurate parts and what I will call what-if parts to the set. The accurate parts are the front bow section windows and sensors and also the top bands for the windows and sensors of the ship.

The other parts that are in the kit, after digging around are from Blue Prints by Michael McMaster drawn up in 1977. Searching for Mr. McMaster I cannot find any affiliation with the original series show. I can only assume he was a major fan that loved to draw blueprints of the ships. So all of the remaining parts are not necessary if you want to build the TOS version we saw on TV.

The base was made from a wooden 16×12 base bought at Michael’s and the backdrop is made from 11×14 artist canvas to hold the led lights, circuit board, and power. I used our HLIFX 002 board R.A.L.F. (Reactors, Aliens, Lights, Fire) to simulate flickering stars in the background. Which can be found at the following link

Craft paints were used on the canvas so I didn’t waste any of my good hobby paint and the wooden base was sprayed with Rust-Oleum black. The Romulan Bird Of Prey was painted using Ammo By Mig flat black. The star effect on the base, canvas, and Romulan BoP was done by loading up a large-sized hobby paint brush with Vallejo flat white and pulling back the bristles of the brush, and letting the dots fall in random patterns.

And here is a link to the final video so it is a bit easier to see the lighting. Pictures do not pick it up very well.


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