July 2022 YouTube Giveaway!

July 2022 YouTube Giveaway!

First off a huge Thank you to Omar, Benny “Fubar Model Yard”, Jalyn Morin, and Joe “Mad Genius Productions” for the next two month’s worth of giveaway donations.

Cars! July is here and so is another giveaway. If you would like a chance to be a winner on one of our live streams you have to be a subscriber. So make sure you click the link, subscribe, and turn on all notifications so you never miss a show! The raffles take place on the last Saturday of every month except for December.

Hobby Link International YouTube

The month of July 2022 is Car Month for our Youtube Giveaway. How it works is that you have to watch our live streams to earn Chippy Chips. Chippy Chips are basically our currency on the live streams and this is what you use to buy raffle tickets for your chance to win. They cost you nothing except for your time hanging out with us and discussing our hobby. For every 15 minutes, you watch you gain 5 Chippy Chips so the more you watch the more you earn! We walk you through the whole process during our shows. Now let us get to the giveaway prizes! Don’t forget to join us Saturday, July 30, 2022, at 7 pm EST.

This month we will be giving away at least 9 kits. With more being announced soon.

Due to shipping difficulties and possible low stock if a kit goes out of stock and we cannot find it in another hobby shop we will choose another kit to giveaway.

Don’t forget to come to join us almost every Wednesday and Saturday Night at 7 pm EST to earn your Chippy Chips! Pass the word on to your modeling friends and communities! And make sure you share this article so your friends know too!


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