The 2022 Figures And Busts Group Build – Batman Vs Joker


Here is my entry for the GB. 3d printed Batman vs Joker action scene.

The dio stands about 18 inches tall and shows the Joker ambushing Batman with his exploding chatter teeth. Batman is ready though and catches the Joker around the throat to deliver a punch.

Painted with Vallejo Air, Tamiya, and craft paints using both airbrush and hand paint. I added LEDs to make it more dynamic, flickering lights where the explosions are going on, and white strip for the alley. Attempted to paint graffiti on the bricks using airbrush. I modified the base and added the power supply for the lights and an On/Off switch. Powered by 12V wall plug.

I believe it was well over 250 print hours to complete the parts.


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