Chevrolet Turbo Z/28 Camaro – The 1st Annual Jesse Buchsbaum Memorial Bully Awareness Group Build


Manufacturer: Monogram

Aftermarket: None used
Paints: Tamiya, Molotow Liquid Chrome, 2K clear, Mr. Color Surfacer 1500 black.
Weathering: Starship Filth Oils
Hi all, I am calling this build done, I hope it brings some comfort to anyone who has been affected by any form of bullying.
As you will notice I placed the ribbon under the hood, not that I wanted to hide the ribbon, I placed it there to highlight the fact that victims of bullying all too often hide it from the very people who love and cherish them and never find out until sadly as in Jesse’s case it is too late.
I did find this old kit a bit of a challenge to put together in a few places. The build instructions are more like a comic than anything with useful details. I mistakenly fitted the decals on the rear boot spoiler forward-facing instead of rear-facing; I used PVA glue to mount the spoiler and the front nose valance to avoid any weld action glue damaging the paintwork.
I added some adhesive-backed foil to trim up the door edges and bonnet, this was painted over with Molotow chrome paint. It was extra work I could have done without, but it did add a touch of bling to the paint scheme.

Overall, for a kit of its age, I am happy with how it turned out. Thank you for looking in on this build everyone and happy modelling.

Kind Regards,


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