Bandai Imaginary Skeleton Triceratops

Bandai Imaginary Skeleton Triceratops

Hi, Everyone!

In July 2021, Bandai released the first model in their Imaginary Skeleton dinosaur line of kits – the Tyrannosaurus. Now they will be coming out with the second kit – the Triceratops!

  • 1:32 scale – about 23 cm (9.06 inches) in length
  • Design of the skeleton model incorporates the latest theories and scientific knowledge
  • Faithfully reproduces the irregular grater-like arranged teeth that are characteristic of herbivore dinosaurs
  • Skull frill is reproduced to accurately include cracks caused by stress fractures and traces of blood vessels
  • A finely detailed display base reproduces the plants of the Cretaceous period
  • Commentary booklet by dinosaur expert Kyoichi Tomita is included
  • 3960 yen (currently about $34.00 U.S.D.) MSRP
  • July 2022 scheduled release

Check out the gallery below for official images!

Stay tuned…



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