Greenstrawberry New Releases


Greenstrawberry has announced its new releases in pdf format. There are some very cool new items coming our way. One of the more exciting ones are the new greeblies they have manufactured. They come in three different styles plating, smooth, and rough.

They are also releasing three new figures in the Battlestar Galactica lineup. All of the figures are in 1:32 scale and are as follows:

  • Colonial Mechanic – Senior Chief Petty Officer
  • Colonial Mechanic
  • Colonial Pilot – Raptor Crew

And, lastly, there are three new sets for your 1:537 scale Enterprise builds. Here are the products that Greenstrawberry is releasing.

  • Miranda Class Hanger Bay
  • Surak Shuttle
  • Shuttles – Late Type

Here is a glimpse of the new kits from Greenstrawberry.

You can find all of these and many more products at Greenstrawberry!

You can see the press release pdf by clicking the link below.



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