This is a micro mania bust from Blackheart models of the Cyclops from the Ray Harryhausen
feature called the 7th Voyage of Sinbad. The resin bust measures 3” in height and comes with
a little display stand.

After viewing scenes from the movie, I chose to start with Vallejo’s Saddle Brown as my base
color. Mixed with Marrow Brown and Ivory it came close to the color I saw on screen. This
mixed was darkened with Vallejo’s Black Brown for the shadows and further darkened with
MSP’s (Master Series Paint) Dark Elf Shadow for the darkest areas. Highlights were done by
simply mixing in higher amounts of Ivory. The colors were simply lightened and darkened to
my liking. For the horns, I used Ivory mixed with Vallejo’s Beige Brown as the base color and
darkened/lightened it as needed to achieve the various shades and to help highlight some of
the surface details.

The eyeball was nice and large making it easy to paint. I first laid down a circular area of Black
Brown then created the iris first with Marrow Brown and then streaked with Beige Brown. It
was finished with a gloss coat.

I ended up with a nice replica of the Cyclops which brings back memories from childhood as I
remember watching these films. If you’re not familiar with Blackheart, check ‘em out at their
website They’ve got quite a variety of sculpts and this one is from their micromania collection and was only $22.00. The detailing is outstanding.


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