The 2021 Halloween Group Build – Jack Skellington Book Nook

The 2021 Halloween Group Build - Jack Skellington Book Nook

Oggie Gonzalez has finished up and entered his Jack Skelligton Book Nook in the 2021 SciFiantasy Annual Halloween Group Build. Here is what Oggie had to say about the build with added pictures.

Here’s my submission for the HLI Halloween Group Build, a Jack Skellington book nook.
The figure is from CGtrader and came with Jack, Zero, Dog House, and the base. I printed it with my Elegoo Saturn using Siraya Gray Resin. It was printed at 58.78% of its intended size and stands about 7″ from the base to the top of Jack’s head.
I added additional terrain around it using lightweight clay by La Doll. The moon and hill in the background were painted onto 0.5mm styrene plastic. The moon was lit with 4 mega SMDs from and a single cool white mega provided the overhead illumination. The book nook ended up coming at 10″H X6″W X8″Deep and used wood art panels from Micheals for the enclosure. The painting was straightforward; Vallejo Model color neutral gray, flat black and white. A white paint pen was used to create the striping.

This was a fun project to work on and look forward to trying more book nooks in the future.


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