Daytona USA

Daytona USA

Here are some photos from my scratch build of the Daytona USA arcade cabinet from the ’90s. I’m not exactly sure of the scale as I scaled everything around the screens but it’s somewhere around 1:12 scale I think. The whole project was designed in 3D using Fusion 360.

Then 3D printed. I used an FDM printer for the frame and then a resin printer for parts that needed finer detail such as the dash, coinbox, etc. Each cabinet is running a Raspberry Pi with an HDMI screen and one is Pi has a USB speaker connected. The coinbox is stand-alone and runs off a coin battery with one LED. The marquee is also running on a 9V battery. The side panels are airbrushed to get the blend right, while I used decals for the text.

To give the box the feel of an arcade, I used UV active paint and connected a black UV light around the inside of the case. It’s hard to capture it in the photos but in reality, the skirting boards, the carpet, and the Arcade sign really pop. Well anyway here are some pictures. I hope you enjoy them and that it inspires some of you to go beyond a kit when thinking of your next build.

Here’s a link to a short video I put together of the completed build.



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