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SciFiantasy Photo Features

In this section of the site, you will find photo features from our fellow modelers relating to Sci-Fi, Horror, Fantasy modeling and more. If you are interested in posting articles please use our contact form for more information.

SciFiantasy Ma. K. Konrad

MA. K. Konrad

The kit is a 2015 "Konrad" release from Wave Corp. The "Konrad" is 1/20 scale and from their Maschinen Kreiger line. I have fallen in love with the series,...
SciFiantasy Dirk The Daring

Shuttle Tydirium

This is the Revell Shuttle Tydirium. The kit is 1:106 scale was released in 2016. This is a new tool of the kit not the original release of the...
Scifiantasy Ark II

Ark II

Hey guys....well here's the completed Ark II model and display base. The model is a 1/72 kit from Larson Designs. I converted some Hasegawa 1/72 figures for the crew...
Scifiantasy Reliant

USS Reliant

After months of work and waiting on my blue grills to finally arrive I finished up my 537 Reliant a week or so ago. This thing was a ton of...
SciFiantasy - Star Wars Star Destroyer

Star Wars Star Destroyer

This is the 1:2700 scale Star Wars Star Destroyer from Zvezda. The kit took over 100+ hours to build, detail, and light. The kit was base coated in black...
SciFiantasy Space: 1999 Hawk

Space: 1999 Hawk

Well, I finally completed my MPC Space: 1999 Hawk model kit. I'm very pleased with how it turned out. The detailing of this kit is far better than the...
SciFiantasy AT-AT


Bandai 1/144 AT-AT From Star Wars Episode 5 The Empire Strikes Back we have Bandai’s 1/144 scale AT-AT A great kit, and in my opinion far superior to the larger Revell...
Bandai Master Grade NU-Gundam VER.KA

Bandai Master Grade NU-Gundam VER.KA

My first submission to Scifiantsy. This is the 1:100 scale Master Grade Nu-Gundam Ver.Ka by Bandai. This Suit comes from the anime Mobile Suit Gundam: Chars's Counter Attack and Is...
Necron Night Shroud Bomber

Necron Night Shroud Bomber

The Necron Night Shroud Bomber was built by Rickey James Morang and painted by Mary Profitt. Mary finished this up for client who requested a lit pylon emerging from...
SciFiantasy Jedi Fighter

Jedi Fighter

This time, the monthly Sci-Fi work returns to the Star Wars universe. The Fine Molds Jedi Fighter kit is excellent. Nicely detailed and very easy to assemble. In fact,...

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Scifiantasy Paint Bottle Cap Labels

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