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In this section of the site, you will find news relating to Sci-Fi, Horror, Fantasy modeling and more. If you are interested in posting articles please use our contact form for more information.

SciFiantasy Bandai R5-J2

Bandai R5-J2

Another new release coming from Bandai in March of 2019. The kit will be 1:12 scale and is still in development. As we get more news of the product we will post it here...

Colonial Raptor Exterior PE Set

Greenstrawberry has released a new photo-etch set for the 1:32 scale Moebius Raptor. The set contains new nozzles for better illumination. Brand new wheel bay details and many other details to enhance the Moebius kit. The photo-etch...
Mining Rig From Wild House Models

Mining Rig From Wild House Models

We've been working on a new kit for Hostile Realms and here is the first set of 3D Renders of the 1:24 Scale Mining Rig. We are planning to sell this kit with a...
SciFiantasy Arboretum

Enterprise Arboretum PE Set

Photo etch detail and correction set for the Arboretum of the U.S.S. Enterprise (refit) 1:350 scale model kit. For more products from Greenstrawberry please visit their site at
SciFiantasy Scale 75 Human Eyes

Human Eyes Paint Set

Scale 75 has posted a new paint set on their site. The paint set is Human Eyes and comes with 7 colors and 1 bottle of paint retarder. The 7 colors are: Decay Black Purity...
SciFiantasy Greenstrawberry Hangar Deck 03

Hangar Deck 03

135x200mm display pad as a hangar deck (Venator class). One set contains plastic sheet and sticker for quick use, mask and transfer foil for the most realistic appearance. For this and more kits from Greenstrawberry please...
SciFiantasy Greenstrawberry Batmobile 2016 Masks

Batmobile “2016” Masks

Precisely cut airbrush masks for the Batmobile from Batman vs Superman. Green vinyl mask perfectly covers the canopy windows and wheels. The masks are in 1:25 scale. For this and more kits from Greenstrawberry please visit...


Greenstrawberry has released a new PE set for the 1:48 scale Bandai AT-ST. The set includes one PE runner with details for the interior and exterior of the AT-ST. The kit costs $33.87 For more products please visit...

Polar Lights / Round 2 Pre-Assembled 1:2500 U.S.S. Discovery

Hi, Everyone! A few years ago, Round 2 released a pre-assembled Space: 1999 1:48 22-inch Eagle 2 Transporter (kit number MPC917). It was pre-decorated and finished, and all anyone had to do was slide the...
SciFiantasy Constitution Class Masks

Constitution Class Masks

Precisely cut airbrush masks primary for 1:600 scale Star Trek Constitution Class Star Ships. Green vinyl mask perfectly covers the windows and are made for the markings of the ship. The set includes enough masks for...

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