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In this section of the site, you will find news relating to Sci-Fi, Horror, Fantasy modeling and more. If you are interested in posting articles please use our contact form for more information.

Artist Spotlight – Aphex Painting Studio

Well, it has happened again! We have made a new friend through social media. If you have not seen Aphex Painting Studio on Facebook you should go take a look. Today we exchanged emails...

Polar Lights / Round 2 1:250 Godzilla and 1:350 King Ghidorah

Hi, Everyone! The Godzilla 65th anniversary celebration continues!  In November 2019, Round 2 is set to re-release two more model kits! Polar Lights Godzilla Snap-Together (kit number POL959): Originally released by Lindberg in 1995 1:250 scale ...
SciFiantasy Arboretum

Enterprise Arboretum PE Set

Photo etch detail and correction set for the Arboretum of the U.S.S. Enterprise (refit) 1:350 scale model kit. For more products from Greenstrawberry please visit their site at

Kingdom Death News! – First News of the Decade

KDU#52 - January 2020 Sale KDU#52 - The Start of The Decade Welcome, 2020! We are excited about a brand-new year focusing on content development and Kickstarter progress. Of course, our shifting focus will never tear...
SciFiantasy Greenstrawberry Star Destroyer

Star Destroyer Lighting Kit

Greenstrawberry has released a new lighting kit for the 1:2700 scale Star Destroyer. The set contains a motherboard with effects, three adapters with 120 optic fibers. Each main bell has its own FX script with starting, windows...

Sculptor Spotlight – Georgia Sarantinou

Browsing around social media you come across a lot of people from all aspects of the hobby. Some of them you become close friends with, some acquaintances, and some you just admire from afar....

Green Stuff World Conductive Copper Tape

Reference: 8436574505245ES Condition: New product Copper tape for conducting electricity. $4.27 Conductive Copper Tape High-quality copper conductive tape with an adhesive side, and another conductive side. The tape can be applied to a variety of surfaces and will not absorb...
SciFiantasy Greenstrawberry Viper Mk. II PE Set

Viper Mk. II PE Set

1: 32 scale photo-etch detail set for the Moebius Models Mk. II Viper. Create a brand new cockpit for the kit. The pe set comes with gauges on special foil for perfect illumination and...

Colonial Raptor Exterior PE Set

Greenstrawberry has released a new photo-etch set for the 1:32 scale Moebius Raptor. The set contains new nozzles for better illumination. Brand new wheel bay details and many other details to enhance the Moebius kit. The photo-etch...
SciFiantasy TOS Enterprise Shuttle

Star Trek TOS Shuttle Type F

Resin kit with photo-etch and waterslide decals. The kit is primarily designed as a set for Revell kit 04880. For more products from Greenstrawberry please visit their site at

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