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In this section of the site, you will find news relating to Sci-Fi, Horror, Fantasy modeling and more. If you are interested in posting articles please use our contact form for more information.

Salt Vampire/Nancy Crater From Moondevil Studio

NEW! ~ NEW! ~ NEW! ~ NEW! ~ NEW! "Salt Vampire / Nancy Crater"...has arrived! From the far-off worlds of the original "Star Trek" comes this highly detailed portrait bust of "the last of its...

Round 2 Acquired By Praesidian Capital

Hi, Everyone! It was announced on January 25th that Praesidian Capital acquired a controlling interest in Round 2! Praesidian Capital is a private investment firm focused on providing senior and subordinated debt along with growth capital...

Atlantis Snoopy Ice Hockey

Hi, Everyone! Atlantis Toy and Hobby currently has the Peanuts license and they will be re-releasing several model kits from that franchise by the end of 2020 and into 2021. First up will be the...

Polar Lights / Round 2 1:25 Speed Racer Mach 5

Hi, Everyone! Round 2 is giving the Mach GoGoGo / Speed Racer franchise a jump start with a 2020 re-release of one of their Mach 5 models (kit number POL981)! 1:25 scale 7.5-inches (190.5 mm)...

Polar Lights / Round 2 1:48 Area 51 UFO

Hi, Everyone! Back in 2019, Round 2 successfully re-released the 1954 Lindberg 1:48 Flying Saucer kit as the Polar Lights Plan 9 From Outer Space Flying Saucer (kit number POL970). If you think Round 2...

Polar Lights / Round 2 Pre-Assembled 1:350 TOS U.S.S. Enterprise

Hi, Everyone! After two products aimed at genre collectors - the pre-assembled Space: 1999 1:48 22-inch Eagle 2 Transporter (kit number MPC917) and the pre-assembled Star Trek: Discovery 1:2500 12-inch U.S.S. Discovery (kit number POL979)...

Polar Lights / Round 2 Pre-Assembled 1:2500 U.S.S. Discovery

Hi, Everyone! A few years ago, Round 2 released a pre-assembled Space: 1999 1:48 22-inch Eagle 2 Transporter (kit number MPC917). It was pre-decorated and finished, and all anyone had to do was slide the...

Academy Plastic Model Science Ninja Team Gatchaman God Phoenix

Hi, Everyone! Fans of the original, classic 1972 anime series Science Ninja Team Gatchaman (or the 1978 adaptation "Battle of the Planets" to the Western world) rejoice! Academy Plastic Model will be releasing a brand...

Kingdom Death News! – First News of the Decade

KDU#52 - January 2020 Sale KDU#52 - The Start of The Decade Welcome, 2020! We are excited about a brand-new year focusing on content development and Kickstarter progress. Of course, our shifting focus will never tear...

Polar Lights / Round 2 1:1000 U.S.S. Enterprise Refit

Hi, Everyone! After being continuously available since it's original release in 2009, the Polar Lights / Round 2 1:1000 U.S.S. Enterprise refit kit (kit number POL820) will finally undergo a bit of a refresh (kit...

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