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SciFiantasy Greenstrawberry Batmobile 2016 Masks

Batmobile “2016” Masks

Precisely cut airbrush masks for the Batmobile from Batman vs Superman. Green vinyl mask perfectly covers the canopy windows and wheels. The masks are in 1:25 scale. For this and more kits from Greenstrawberry please visit...
Paint Bottle Cap Labels

Paint Bottle Cap Labels

Paint Bottle Cap Labels Lately I have come to the sad and distressing realization that at some point during the night a smart-alec gremlin switched my eyes with those of a 213-1/2 year old man....

Sculptor Spotlight – Georgia Sarantinou

Browsing around social media you come across a lot of people from all aspects of the hobby. Some of them you become close friends with, some acquaintances, and some you just admire from afar....
SciFiantasy TOS Enterprise

Evolution Of The Original USS Enterprise

The original USS Enterprise is one of the most famous ships in sci-fi, as such I’m not going to devote any of this write up to the design and construction of the original model....
Shuttle Tydirium

Shuttle Tydirium

This is the Revell Shuttle Tydirium. The kit is 1:106 scale was released in 2016. This is a new tool of the kit not the original release of the Shuttle Tydirium. Here is a...

Superman The Movie: Planet Krypton

Superman The Movie: Planet Krypton build. It was supposed to be a quick project after my Moonraker build but 2 years and 200 styrene rods later, it's finally finished. The first few photos are from...
Hangar Crew Vol I, II, III And Hangar Equipment Vol III

Hangar Crew Vol I, II, III And Hangar Equipment Vol III

Today I was able to take a look at four sets from Greenstrawberry. They are Hangar Crew Volume I, II, and III and also Hangar Equipment Volume III. Each set comes in a cardboard...

USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D

Behold, the U.S.S. ENTERPRISE™ NCC-1701-D clear polystyrene edition, with custom lighting and a touch pad lighting interface. For reasons I can’t explain, Enterprise D to me is the sleekest and most modern looking of...
SciFiantasy Greenstrawberry Space Dock

Space Dock

Greenstrawberry has released a new display base "Space Dock" The base measures 135x200mm display pad as a Space Dock. The set contains plastic sheet and sticker for quick use, mask and transfer foil for the most...
SciFiantasy Enterprise D

Enterprise 1701-D PE Set

Greenstrawberry 1:1400 scale PE set for the USS Enterprise D. For this and other Greenstrawberry products please visit their site at www.greenstrawberry.cz

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