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Bandai 1:12 Star Wars R4-M9 Astromech Droid

Hi, Everyone! Bandai has been releasing a bunch of astromech droid kits so far this year as part of their Droid Collection series. First, there was Rocket Booster Version R2-D2,...

USS Enterprise NCC-1701

Set contains photoetch and resin parts for new U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 from movie “Into Darkness” Set primarily designed for Revell model kit 04882 in 1:500 scale. For this and more kits...
SciFiantasy Star Wars Slave I

Slave I Main Nozzles

Resin detail set of thrusters nozzles for the SLAVE I. The set is for the Fine Molds and Bandai kits in 1:144 scale. For more on this and other Greenstrawberry products please...

Colonial Raptor Exterior PE Set

Greenstrawberry has released a new photo-etch set for the 1:32 scale Moebius Raptor. The set contains new nozzles for better illumination. Brand new wheel bay details and many other details...

USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D

Behold, the U.S.S. ENTERPRISE™ NCC-1701-D clear polystyrene edition, with custom lighting and a touch pad lighting interface. For reasons I can’t explain, Enterprise D to me is the sleekest...
SciFiantasy TOS Enterprise

Revell TOS Enterprise PE Set

Set contains two photoetch frets for U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 (TOS) in 1:600 scale. Set is primarily designed for Revell 04880. For more products from Greenstrawberry please visit their site at www.greenstrawberry.cz
X-Wing Fighter

Captured X-Wing

Another Star Wars work. Yep, I love this saga. The Fine Molds kit is excellent, so easy to assemble that I felt the necessity to add some detailing. The...
Paint Be Gone

Paint Be Gone

As I was browsing social media today I stumbled upon a product I have never seen before. The product is Paint Be Gone which is used for... you guessed...
SciFiantasy Gundam Sniper

Gundam Sniper

Some years have already passed since I made this vignette. The robot didn´t get a much-worked paint job, but I like how it looks the snowy scenery, the trees...
Scifiantasy Greenstrawberry Batmobile 2016

Batmobile “2016”

Set contains photoetch and resin parts for the Batmobile from Batman vs Superman. The set is designed for the 1:25 scale Moebius kit. For this and more kits from Greenstrawberry please visit...

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How To: Intro To Dioramas (Definition, Composition, And Design)

https://youtu.be/hvVJoMC7gJY Hey guys! In this video, I explain my philosophical "artistic theory" as applied to vignettes and dioramas. I love all kinds of scale modeling...

Making A Display Base

Here's how I turned this shadowbox frame into a display base for my 1/1000 scale U.S.S. DEFIANT. The first thing I'll do is find the...

Spitfire FR MK XIVe

I'm hoping I can spit this one out by the end of the month. It's a simple kit with enough detail to please. Most...