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MOTY is otherwise known as Model Of The Year and is a contest held yearly on SciFiantasy and Model Builder International. The Rules for each contest can be found in the menu under MOTY rules. We hope to see our fellow builders joining the contest and displaying their work.

MOTY 2019 Entry – Hell Girl

Gilbert Mondragon has entered his Hell Girl build into this year's 2019 SciFiantasy MOTY Figure Contest. The Hell Girl figure is from NY3DCreaations and is 1/8 scale.

MOTY 2019 Entry – Armored Batman

Marc Schuh has entered his Armored Batman from Batman V Superman. The model is the 1:8 scale resin kit from Moebius. I used Tamiya and Vallejo paints.

MOTY 2019 Entry – Morpheus

Here is my entry for the 2019 MOTY contest, it’s a sculpt of Morpheus from The Matrix. This is a 1/10, 3” high scale figure that I found on eBay. The piece...

MOTY 2019 Entry – Horus Guard

Chuck Brooks has entered his Horizon Horus Guard from Stargate in this year's MOTY Contest. Chuck painted the kit using various Vallejo and craft acrylic paints. He also lit the eyes with 3 mm...

MOTY 2019 Entry – Rei Ayanami

Some of you may know that I am a huge Evangelion fan, and one of my favorite characters is everyone's favorite clone Rei Ayanami. The more realistic look of the face and proportions made this...

MOTY 2019 Entry – Ann Takamaki Panther Persona 5

Ann Takamaki is one of the main characters in the PS4 game Persona 5. The Persona games generally revolve around a group of Japanese high school students awakening to special powers, enabling them to...

HLI 2020 MOTY Contest Rules

Welcome to HLI MOTY 2020!! We have been running the SciFiantasy MOTY for a few years now and have decided to bring back the original MBI MOTY Contest for our military and civilian builders. But,...
MOTY 2019 Entry - X-Men's Cable

MOTY 2019 Entry – X-Men’s Cable

Finished my current entry into the MOTY 2019 figure builds. It's Cable from the X-Men with the merc with the mouth pushing his hand through a portal with a mini Deadpool doll between Cable's...

MOTY 2019 Entry – Classic Captain America

I also finished my second entry into the MOTY 2019 figure build contest. Classic Captain America as he was portrayed in the '40s during World War II. The figure was completely printed on my...
MOTY 2019 Entry - First Moon Landing

MOTY 2019 Entry – First Moon Landing

I just finished the MOTY entry just in time for the 50-year moon landing anniversary. So, it's one small post for Mike, one giant model mishap for MOTY! And I would like to send a...

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