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MOTY is otherwise known as Model Of The Year and is a contest held yearly on SciFiantasy and Model Builder International. The Rules for each contest can be found in the menu under MOTY rules. We hope to see our fellow builders joining the contest and displaying their work.

SciFiantasy Model Of The Year 2016 Winners

2016 was our inaugural Model Of The Year Contest. We had a nice turn out for the contest and excellent builds all around. Our first year's winners were: 1st Place...

HLI MOTY 2020 Entry – Category: SciFi Spacecraft Illuminated – Millennium Falcon

Buck Moore has entered his Bandai 1:144 scale Millennium Falcon in this year's HLI 2020 Model Of The Year Online Contest. Category: SciFi Spacecraft Illuminated

HLI MOTY 2020 Entry – Category: SciFi Spacecraft Illuminated – NX-01

“It’s been a long time getting from there to here,” no truer words were ever said. For theme songs, it not only counted for the show, but also for...

HLI MOTY 2020 Entry – Category: SciFi Spacecraft Illuminated – Battlestar Galactica

Buck Moore has entered his TOS Battlestar Galactica in this year's HLI MOTY 2020 Online Contest. Category: SciFi Spacecraft Illuminated

MOTY 2019 Entry – Game Of Thrones

Richard Pezall has entered his Game Of Thrones diorama in the SciFiantasy 2019 MOTY Online Figure Contest. All of the figures Richard used for the kit are actually the...

MOTY 2019 Entry – Hell Girl

Gilbert Mondragon has entered his Hell Girl build into this year's 2019 SciFiantasy MOTY Figure Contest. The Hell Girl figure is from NY3DCreaations and is 1/8 scale.

MOTY 2019 Entry – Armored Batman

Marc Schuh has entered his Armored Batman from Batman V Superman. The model is the 1:8 scale resin kit from Moebius. I used Tamiya and Vallejo paints.

MOTY 2019 Entry – Morpheus

Here is my entry for the 2019 MOTY contest, it’s a sculpt of Morpheus from The Matrix. This is a 1/10, 3” high scale figure that I found...

MOTY 2019 Entry – Horus Guard

Chuck Brooks has entered his Horizon Horus Guard from Stargate in this year's MOTY Contest. Chuck painted the kit using various Vallejo and craft acrylic paints. He also lit...

MOTY 2019 Entry – Rei Ayanami

Some of you may know that I am a huge Evangelion fan, and one of my favorite characters is everyone's favorite clone Rei Ayanami. The more realistic look of the...

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How To: Intro To Dioramas (Definition, Composition, And Design)

https://youtu.be/hvVJoMC7gJY Hey guys! In this video, I explain my philosophical "artistic theory" as applied to vignettes and dioramas. I love all kinds of scale modeling...

Making A Display Base

Here's how I turned this shadowbox frame into a display base for my 1/1000 scale U.S.S. DEFIANT. The first thing I'll do is find the...

Spitfire FR MK XIVe

I'm hoping I can spit this one out by the end of the month. It's a simple kit with enough detail to please. Most...